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The government will increase funds for the Kolej Plus programme. “Poland is not just an archipelago of big cities”

The government will increase funds for the Kolej Plus programme.  "Poland is not just an archipelago of big cities"

At the press conference held on Wednesday in Jano Lubelski, the Prime Minister announced the list of eligible projects In Kolej Plus and changes in the funding of this program. As Mateusz Morawiecki declared, The budget will double and will amount to 11 billion PLN.

The change will be approved by the government today at the cabinet meeting. It is scheduled at 11:00.

Money for railway modernization

The increased budget will be used to rebuild closed railway links, as well as to modernize existing links. Mateusz Morawiecki emphasized that thanks to the government’s program, a lot has already been accomplished in connection with the liquidation of the so-called exclusion of communications.

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– We have renovated more than 400 railway stations, and about 300 railway stations. We have renovated hundreds of kilometers of railways, so there will be more links, like here to Jano Lublinski, the Prime Minister said.

Poland is not just an archipelago of rich cities. Most Poles live in medium and small towns and we remember them too. That is why we are re-establishing the links between small towns and we will re-establish them through the Kolej Plus Program – it promises.

The Prime Minister criticized the government of PO-PSL

I am very happy that today we can present Kolej Plus, a very important program for Poland, which talks about rebuilding railways, Prime Minister Janów Lubelski said.

It’s very good for people to go back to traveling by train. Because so far By 2015, we had to deal with the “collapse” of the railwaysThe head of the government stressed that the tracks are “rolling”, and the stations are closed. – We promise you that this time is over, and that we are now focusing on the development of railways – he added.

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