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The great Iga Świątek game in Adelaide. You broke the US Open final

The great Iga Świątek game in Adelaide.  You broke the US Open final

The results of the month of cooperation with Tomasz Wiktorowski in the case of Iga Świątek Excellent results this season. The first with Daria Savile was for sure, and the second with Lily Fernandez was really cool. After several dozen hours in which Iga began to defend the title on opposites, evaluating her disposition, we can only find the positives: excellent physical preparation with slides in defense in the style of Novak Djokovic (“It’s natural for me, I learned this in I have transmitted to clay, here it’s slower than at the US Open”), excellent service, many open deals, aggressive crosses and line changes at the right times. The tournament in Adelaide is now a Christmas favorite. She played seven matches in her career, winning all of them, and all without dropping a set.

Confused start, then in one direction

– Iga feels an advantage, you can see that in her behavior on the court. Slight opponent resistance. Everything is in the hands of the tennis player – coach David Sylt commented on the + Sport channel. It was already during the second set, when the match became noticeably one-way, and Iga soon ended the following exchanges. The Canadian only jumped to fight at the end. I defended four games, but there was no doubt that it would be over in an instant. The splendid work of Švićeq really ended the meeting, and then Iga looked to the coach, whom she had to impress. Six years after the rookies faced off with Fernandez at Prościejów, it was clear and clear. Then the pole lost four matches, this time even less – three.

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Iga was well aware of what was waiting for her in court. Before the tournament, both ladies got together. They get to know their strengths and weaknesses a bit and can use this knowledge during the game to get points. Our young hero from the very beginning played deeper, more solid and more accurate, finding the correct and accurate answer to all the movements on the opponent’s side. Feeling free and comfortable, it was one of those fights that after a complicated start – the first two matches were well balanced and lasted almost 20 minutes – gained such acceleration…I only stopped at the end streak.

– I felt confident, from start to finish I was as focused as I should – Iga explained after the win. – I played with a tennis player younger than me, it’s a rare feeling, so it was also a kind of pressure. However, I did not have problems with left-handed opponents, earlier, at various stages of my career, I was in contact with them – I talked about her feelings after contacting other, unusual strokes flowing from the other side of the net. There was a bit of their flash, but over the entire game scale, all of Fernandez’s strengths were effectively neutralized.

Azarenka approaches

Now, before Iga Świątek, clashed with Wiktoria Azarenka, who did not give Paula Badosa a chance in the first round, and successfully fought against Australian Priscilla Hon in the second round. The Polish competed with the Belarusian in the third round of the 2020 US Open and then lost 4:6, 2:6, although the first 10 minutes with Wika was perhaps the best moment on the scale of Iga’s adventure with tennis to date. Then the finished bombs flew to the other side of the net one by one…

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– Azarenka must count all the time, she is not below a certain level – Your recovery was evaluated at the end of the match – Fernandez, coach David Sylt. He and Tomas Wiktorowski know her well from his years touring with Agnieszka Radwańska. Isia played 19 matches with the Belarusian women. The contender won the majority (balance sheet 5-14), who will now benefit from her experience, hundreds of matches throughout her career and a slight mental advantage after first contact with Świątek on the field. But many other advantages will be besides the Iga. We hope to be able to use it!

Watch the match summary and the great victory of Ega Šviotik with Layla Fernandez in Adelaide:

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