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The greatest hits of 2004. How well do you remember them? [QUIZ]

The greatest hits of 2004. How well do you remember them? [QUIZ]

  • As every year, also in 2004, a number of newbies appeared on the music market, and their songs were not only new, but still successful.
  • In 2004, Monica Brodka released her first mini-album, which was victorious in “Idol”.
  • In the same year, several hit songs were released around the world, among others, The Black Eyed Peas
  • In Poland, hip-hop group One Osiem L has been surprisingly successful
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When you reach adulthood, summaries of all kinds appear frequently. After this progress, we decided to check What do writers and artists born before 18 look like. Some of them are doing well to this day, others have already been forgotten a little by the world. no wonder: The world of music hates emptiness, and it is so vast that there is always room for new talents.

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In 2004, many Polish and foreign artists debuted. Suffice it to mention Monica Brodka, who released her debut album after winning the song “Idol”. It turned out to be the first step to a great music career as a singer. Interesting artists appeared abroad as well. There were also those who consistently proved that their place at the top was worthy. For example, Beyoncé, whose career is gaining momentum. Who else was popular in 2004 and how many hits do you remember from that year? test yourself!

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2004 pass test

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