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The Green Frans is pushing another initiative. To promote her “uses the suffering of others”

The Green Frans is pushing another initiative.  To promote her "uses the suffering of others"

Dealing with, among other things through the European Green Deal, the commissioner is seeking an annual day of remembrance for the victims of climate change. His idea was supported by the entire European Commission.

The Dutch daily reports that Timmermans mentioned 220 victims of the floods that swept Belgium and Germany last year. The Dutch politician spoke about it on July 14 before the meeting of EU environment ministers in Prague.

– The Commissioner expresses his grief over the death of the daughter of a close friend of his in this flood, while his daughter recently celebrated her sixteenth birthday. “Rosa will not be able to celebrate her sixteenth birthday and it breaks my heart.” Timmermans want to celebrate Climate Day on the anniversary of Rosa’s death, on July 14

– We read in “De Telegraaf”.

– There is specific data showing the number of deaths caused by natural disasters, including flood victims. It is enough to take a look at the publication “Our World in Data”, in the section “Deaths as a result of natural disasters in the years 1900-2019”, and in particular “Deaths from floods”. While carbon dioxide emissions have increased over the past century, the number of deaths from floods has decreased dramatically.” Written in the magazine.

De Telegraaf says the number of flood deaths has been reduced because of better dams, better water management, better warning systems and better planning of buildings in high-risk areas. “So it cannot be said that Rosa died because of insufficient climate policy.” – says the author of the text.

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In short, the commissioner exploits the suffering of others to give his political goal more weight. This is not the first time, because with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Timmermans stated that it was a transformative maneuver, because Putin threatens Ukraine because he wanted to distract attention from the climate problem.

He hosts the largest Dutch daily.

The newspaper notes that the former leader of the Dutch Social Democratic Party, rather than organizing the celebration, should focus on convincing Germany and Belgium not to withdraw from nuclear power.

Timmermans must use his rhetorical abilities to prevent these countries from phasing out nuclear power plants. – De Telegraaf concludes.

Source:, pap

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