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The Guild 3 Review – Review. This strategy is a profession

The Guild 3 Review - Review.  This strategy is a profession
June 13, 2022, 5:00 p.m.

I don’t have a problem with what developers often do in reference to how the older generation of gamers feel in producing new titles – as long as the works created with this in mind, of course, have been good. It’s a pity that the creators of The Guild 3 couldn’t make a good game.

very high Guild 3 I failed. I wasn’t expecting success – after all, that’s an average position, at least by industry standards today, on the price shelf – but I was counting on a more fun gameplay. More so because with the second part of the series – still in 2006 – I spent a few nights and remember this romance very fondly today. Guild 3 However, it does have some problems that cannot be “corrected” with subsequent patches.

The first thing that catches your eye is the ugly graphics. I know that in this type of game, the visuals come into the background – and if the title had defended itself in terms of gameplay, I’d mention the ugly setting as press duty only. Unfortunately, Guild 3 The fan modifications are similar to “two”. Meanwhile, 16 years have passed since the premiere of the previous part, and the creators, rather than rethinking the style of the graphics, made an effort to ensure the relative reality of the world presented along the lines of guild 2Which, in comparison with the games being created today, turned out to be very hideous.

Game content has also been cut or simplified. Do you want to buy a title to climb the social ladder a step higher? It is enough to press the appropriate button and … now. in guild 2 The hero had to go to the office and talk to the NPC, and we received the address some time after placing the order, which was finally confirmed by an overwhelming, screen-covering letter of congratulations. in Guild 3 A simple window appears with the information that we have received a new address here.

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In “Two” you can also visit managed factories – the camera pans inside each building, and we had the opportunity to see blacksmiths, bakers and tailors at work. Forget about these attractive places in Guild 3 – It is impossible to visit most places (except for the town hall, prison or house), and the staff usually perform their duties in the yard. In the case of our business, the entire game is based on the automation of production in the windows that appear after clicking on the appropriate building. Our job is just to create a list of products that employees will produce, as well as to develop a route for porters and prioritize the goods they transport.

Needless to say, AI is stupid. I was often able to hit and steal the NPCs without consequences, despite the guards running around here and there. On the other hand, opponents – even if we do not put them under their skin – unscrupulously steal from our heroes, break into different places and try to harm the player with all their might so intensely that over time you no longer pay attention to the messages that appear in this regard. Simply put, there are a lot of them, and with the proper optimization of business, losses from looting or beatings, or even the death of a family member, are still imperceptible.

Thanks for such a medieval.  This Strategy is a Career - Clarification #1

I complain and complain..and is there anything for him? Guild 3 to praise? Admittedly, the game can be a bit fun when the gold starts flowing into the family treasury Because by some miracle we flawlessly designed the manufacturing, purchasing and sales path of our business. Unless, of course, the AI ​​is stupid and the porters know how to get from point to point.

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A strong feature of the game is also the sound setting and thirteen different maps prepared by the creators. The menu is also designed in a way that is more accessible compared to the previous part. Of course, this does not mean that it is completely intuitive, but after completing the tutorial, navigating the hero and using the individual options should not cause major problems.

So you can play… but why? Fans of economic and political titles will find other, more interesting items on the market And if someone insists onCrusader Kings microscale”, it can always play back the previous parts guildTRUE?

  1. More about The Guild 3

My opinion of The Guild 3


  1. Up to 13 maps to play with;
  2. A straightforward, though not entirely intuitive, menu;
  3. Nice sound setting
  4. When everything is working as it should, it’s a good idea to look at the bulging bag.


  1. AI is stupid.
  2. ugly visual position
  3. Lots of bugs – also those that prevent further play;
  4. remove known cold items from the previous batch from the cycle;
  5. Automation of playing parts makes it Guild 3 It is a self-paced game that does not need the player’s happiness.

Final Rating: 5/10

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