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The handle has fallen! Thurnbichler announces decision after disqualification of Kamil Stoch

The handle has fallen!  Thurnbichler announces decision after disqualification of Kamil Stoch

Michał Białoński: Congratulations on a very successful start to the World Cup.

Thomas Thornbichler, The coach of the Polish national team ski jump: I am very happy with the whole weekend with the World Cup in Wisła. We started off really well and moved on to the high level of jumping from summer to winter. Of course, we still have a lot of potential for development, but the comforting fact is that even by making mistakes, we compete with world leaders in the jump. It’s a good sign.

However, we will not be satisfied with what we have achieved. We have a lot of work ahead, and the process continues. Men train in base camps. On the other hand, I had to go back to Innsbruck to arrange some private matters.

How did you deal with this mental appearance? I spoke to PZN President Adam Małysz and he told me that he did not expect such feelings during Saturday’s competition, when the guest of honor was the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda, who personally congratulated you on your success. Opening.

Of course, the tension was great on Saturday. Much larger than at the opening of the FIS Grand Prix in July. Fortunately, things went downhill after the first competition, and calm began to return after the playoffs, when I saw that our players were in good shape and were fighting with the leaders.

The Polish jumpers have been done by really notable coaches including Pavel Mixka, Apollonius Tajner, Hanno Lipsto and Stefan Horngacher, but none of them made their World Cup debuts like you. It should sound proud to you: “Thomas Thornbichler led jumpers to the best debut ever”?

– (laughs) Of course, it’s always good to start the new season well, but that’s not just my job, it’s the work of the whole team, an equal team. We have many good coaches working with jumpers in the Polish Ski Federation, as well as in our A-Team with Krzysztof Miętus, Marek Noelke, Mathias Hafele and ukasz Gębala at the helm. It is also hard work for all players. After all, they are the ones who jump, not us.

Thomas Thornbichler at the disposal of David Kobaki

When we spoke at the beginning of October, I said that David Kobaki, who had just won the entire jackpot for the fourth time, could successfully compete for the Crystal Ball. He started impressively – he won the first two competitions. Nothing like that happened to him at the start of the season. How long can you keep this form?

It is also good to note that he is calm and his feet firmly on the ground. When we asked him to comment on the compliments given to him by Piotr Żyła and Kamil Stoch, he wanted to end the interview. Daoud Kobaki, despite his successes, remains natural and focused on work.

– That’s what we’re working on, and that’s what our jump-start philosophy boils down to: you should focus all the time on your duties, on the workflow. Only this is the path of development, there are no other shortcuts. David knows this well and is exemplary. All of our jumpers have to carry out their own training process, patiently enduring loads from day to day. Only at the end of this process will we find out what the results are.

Thomas Thornbichler: It wasn’t Camille Stoch’s fault, it was our fault

Were you so angry after Kamel Stoch was left out, who could have afforded Sunday’s podium at Wissoa? When the ultra-short sleeves of the suit incurred a disqualification for Camille in September, during the Grand Prix, she praised controller Christian Cathol for introducing clear rules. Kamel said you can explain everything with Kathol. In turn, President Adam Mysz, in an interview with Interia, expressed the hope that Cathol would not go into a dead end, as happened with his predecessor. What is your advice to avoid this type of event in the future?

I think Christian Cathol is going through the same process that Mika Jokara went through last season. He tries to make sure the communication with all the teams is really good. Overall, we’ve taken some appropriate steps with the hardware. I am sure Mr. Cathol will have the situation under control.

Interview with Adam Meais after the World Cup in Wisła. video/INTERIA.TV/INTERIA.TV

What will happen to the Kamil Stoch equipment? Will you prepare him a new suit for the World Cup in Kuusamo?

– We are working on it all the time, adapting to new rules. You cannot completely change your suits at once. We are trying to adapt it to the new regulations gradually. Kamil will get a new suit. His past wasn’t too bad. It was a little wide in the abdomen.

Interviewed by Michał Białoński, Interia

We will be publishing the second part of our interview with Thomas Thurnbichler soon

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