October 23, 2021

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The head of the Foreign Ministry said: Belarus should be punished.  EU countries are compatible

The head of the Foreign Ministry said: Belarus should be punished. EU countries are compatible

Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau said EU countries were “determined to constantly punish the regime in Minsk”. – As a result of the measures taken by Belarus, international rules for air travel have been disrupted. I declare in this regard, that we can expect unrest in Europe in the near future.

The head of Polish diplomacy, who participated in the informal summit of the heads of diplomacy of EU member states in Lisbon on Thursday, also noted that “air piracy” by the regime of Aleksander Lukashenka will lead to chaos in passenger aviation in Europe.

Rao expressed his appreciation for Sunday’s incident as “an act of state terrorism.” The head of the Polish Foreign Ministry clarified that although the issue of the arrest of Belarusian opponents was not discussed during the Lisbon talks, the participants in the informal summit did not hide their indignation behind the scenes, calling for the punishment of the regime in Minsk.

– As a result of the measures taken by Belarus, international rules for air travel have been disrupted. In this regard, we can expect turmoil in Europe in the near future – said Zbigniew Rau, noting that the authorities of the EU countries were unanimous when it came to being convinced of the need to constantly impose sanctions on the Belarusian authorities for the fraudulent bringing of the plane to the Minsk airport and the arrest of Raman Pratasevic and Sophia Sabiga. He stressed that although there are fears that economic sanctions will indirectly harm Belarusian society and its citizens, at the current stage “not only personal, but also comprehensive economic sanctions” are necessary.

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Zbigniew Rau said – The issue of economic sanctions against Belarus was raised at the last session of the European Council. He noted that the current situation would increase pressure on the European Commission, which was “already obligated to present an economic plan for a democratic Belarus.” – The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the commission’s document should open up the prospects for economic (assistance) for Belarus if there is a democratic transition in this country.

The Polish minister specified that an international team of prosecutors will start work in the coming days to investigate the circumstances of the scandal related to the landing of Ryanair plane in Minsk, as a result of false information about the bomb that was on the plane by the Belarusian authorities. . – It will include claimants from countries whose citizens were passengers of the plane and traveled from Athens to Vilnius: Poland, Lithuania and Greece, but also from other countries – he added.

Zbigniew Rau also said that Poland supports not only joint and consistent action by EU countries towards Belarus, but also towards Russia. Referring to the Nord Stream 2 project, the head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that “Russia today should not be treated as a reliable trading partner in relations with the European Union, because it is not so in political relations with its neighbors, including EU countries such as Poland.”

The minister described the matter as a contradiction in that some European Union countries will support the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project in a situation that requires the dependence of Central and Eastern European countries on Russia. – This gas pipeline will be a permanent source of income for Russia, which will be financially provided by the budgets of countries which, as members of NATO, consider it the greatest threat to the Alliance. The Polish minister indicated that Russia will undoubtedly allocate this money to its weapons. He stressed another paradox represented in the fact that some EU countries, unnoticed by some EU countries, are destabilizing the Mediterranean region through their military activity in Syria and Libya.

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– We used the period of calm after 1989 for economic investment. Unfortunately, Russia did not – Rao added, noting that the consensus of the European Union is that the country still lives off the sale of its raw materials, just like the Soviet Union. Rao also drew attention to the inconsistencies in some Western countries, which, by doing business with Moscow, are lending a helping hand to use more fossil fuels, while the entire European Union strives to be environmentally low.

The head of Polish diplomacy also stressed that the statements of the administration of President Joe Biden to withdraw from the sanctions imposed on NS2 led to the support of the interests of Russia and Germany at the expense of the most vital interests of Poland and Ukraine. He described it as a clear political contradiction.

Rau admitted that he agreed with the recent statements of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban that the countries of the Visegrad Group are treated in some matters as second-class countries.

– However, Poland is on the way to change this situation. The only remedy is self-politics and a strong defense of one’s interests – summed up by the Polish minister.

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