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The head of the Xbox brand is critical of Sony’s approach to computers. Phil Spencer says frankly: They push people to buy equipment

The head of the Xbox brand is critical of Sony's approach to computers.  Phil Spencer says frankly: They push people to buy equipment

Phil Spencer has decided to comment on the recent moves of Sony, which is increasingly eager to bring its games to PC. However, the head of the Xbox brand saw a huge difference – the Japanese did it after many years and, in his opinion, force gamers to buy consoles.

Microsoft has already opened up the PC market years ago and is offering Xbox and PC games in its premiere days. Thanks to this, interested parties from various platforms can wait for Starfield and Halo Infinite, among others.

Sony is also more willing to offer its games for PC, but in this case the situation is different – the head of PlayStation Studios confirmed it PlayStation 4 items will first appear on PC after some time (years).

The head of the Xbox brand decided to comment on this situation:

“So right now, we’re the only platform that sends games to console, PC, and the cloud at the same time. Others bring console games to PC years later, not only to force people to buy hardware up front, but then get paid again so They can play on PC.

Phil Spencer has also seen Sony’s decisions regarding Introducing PC games without the option to move production from PlayStation to PC. When customers of a Japanese company want to play, say, Days Gone on a PC, they have to buy the item again – full combined purchase works on Xbox and PC.

It is worth remembering that Xbox Game Pass will go straight to TVs. Microsoft confirmed big plans today.

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