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The height of the Wisła Stadium at the Olympic Games will not scare you. This is what it should look like after the update [WIZUALIZACJE] – News

The height of the Wisła Stadium at the Olympic Games will not scare you.  This is what it should look like after the update [WIZUALIZACJE] - News

Lots of glass elements and multimedia – this is what the Wisła stadium facade after the renovation should look like before the European Games.

The Sports Infrastructure Board of Krakow has announced the fourth tender for the reconstruction of sports facilities before the third European Games. This time, the municipal unit is looking for a company that will design and renovate the facade of Henrik Riemann. Bids can be submitted until August 1. The contractor will have seven months to perform the task from the date of signing the contract.

Ugly facade after reconstruction

The stadium on Reymonta Street, after an expansion carried out over 10 years ago, has an ugly, unfinished facade. The combination of concrete, steel and technical installations creates an unattractive view. Thanks to funding from the Ministry of Sports, the stadium will be modernized and the height will change, which is the element that the tourist and fan sees first.

All-glass front and LED display

The tender documents state that a comprehensive reconstruction of the facade is planned, consisting of replacing the entire facade and inserting lighting elements – linear fixtures, large screens, LED facade grilles, as well as ambient lighting and the ceiling with an acoustic system.

The main part of the facade will be constructed from ground level on the first floor of the east and west wing as an all-glass facade with glass panels covering the reinforced concrete columns, creating a unified glass surface. On the southern and northern runways, this aircraft will continue as an air handling unit housing suspended on the facade, with the difference that glass will be replaced by perforated steel panels to which an LED display is attached. The main element integrating the entire facility will be white linear casings that protrude significantly from the elevation level, the shape of which was taken from the existing reinforced concrete balconies – we read in the documentation.

The European Games are planned in Krakow and Maupolska from June 21 to July 2, 2023. The opening and closing ceremonies of the event and the rugby tournament will take place at Wisła 7 Stadium.

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