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The Highway: It’s Freezing Like a Golube! Defend the championship crown

The Highway: It's Freezing Like a Golube!  Defend the championship crown

Bartosz Zmarzlik made the show in its prime. The representative of Stal Gorzów was at the end of the field after the start and passed his opponents in laps like poles on a rink. He tackled Zengota and Dudek on the first lap, and with Paweł Przedpełski on the second. Anyway, Zamarzlik also made a second series debut, when he lost out of the bar with Mateusz Cerniak, but on the second lap tackled Motor Lublin Jr. Zmarzlik was at his disposal today, and his journey caught the eyes of the masses gathered at Rzeszów Stadium.

Bartosz Zmarzlik lost his first point in the 16th race, losing to Jakub Miśkowiak. However, it seems that the Polish world champion did not go out of his way to beat his opponent. He did not need it, because mathematics showed that even then he had a great opportunity to defend the crown. In the end, Bartosz Smárzlyk took the IMP gold medal after Round 19, when he won with Janowski, Kołodziej and Smektaa. This is the second title in Bartosz Zmerzlik’s career, as well as the second title in a row. He won the first season last year during the competition at the Circuit Liszno.

As expected, the podium in the individual Polish Championships was completed by Dominik Kubera and Janusz Kołodziej, although the latter was missing in the final race of the third championship of the IMP series. In which Zmerzlik defeated Mikoviak, Kubera and Smecta.

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