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The horizon is forbidden to the west. The controversy over the appearance of Aloy is a sign of our time

The horizon is forbidden to the west.  The controversy over the appearance of Aloy is a sign of our time

Video games are an incredibly bizarre industry. Even when it seems to me that there is nothing here that can surprise me anymore, a new scandal immediately appears which makes me feel in awe. And though I’ve seen so much here that I thought there was little that could surprise and shock me, the past week has shown how wrong I was and that it’s still all too easy to be disappointed – I think that would be the most appropriate term.

Most guess what I mean. Of course I’m talking about the Horizon Forbidden West scandal. More precisely, with our favorite character Aloy. I read Polish and foreign social media, comments and articles and I can’t believe it. People are interrupting (yes, interrupting) the game because the character’s features are very round and looks a bit plumper than before.

There may be some offensive language in this text, but it should be. It is simply because I am so sorry. There are tastes, and there are few – we have different views and canons of beauty Appearance and behavior patterns. But we forget one thing – this is a video game. But let’s start from the beginning so that we don’t miss anything important. Only the general situation allows us to see its absurdity.

There will always be a problem

last week Sony gave us a game show It provided over twelve minutes of gameplay from the upcoming project on PlayStation 5. There was delight about what the title would look like and what the game could bring. Horizon Forbidden West aims to supplement many mechanics with completely new ideas and offer a world that is more beautiful and attractive than it was before. Horizon Zero Dawn.

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Everything really looks and feels great, but…! exactly, It’s always damned but. And in this case, it indicates the appearance of the main character of the game. Instead of discussing one of the biggest 2021 premieres in the context of the sequel sequel quality that millions have been waiting for, there’s been debate about the beauty law and the framework that the onscreen heroine can’t work on.

It’s okay that most of the time we only see them in reality. You have to hold on to something. To be honest, I have the impression that if the features of the protagonist’s face remained the same, then a certain group of people would still find something to write about colloquially. And these are very big hands, and this is a very strong heroine, and these are some homosexual side characters, and this is a lack of non-binary people, this and that.

Let’s not look for flaws by force

Why did we start looking for flaws by force? Yesterday I posted a script that many people nowadays may struggle with too much gaming. we will Maybe it is, and may have the effect of finding negatives all around like paying attention to the smallest (often unimportant) details to justify giving up playing. I really do not know.

Aloy w horizon forbidden west

I’m not a psychiatrist, so it doesn’t make sense anymore. What I do know is that it can be very toxic and take a lot more fun than it should be doing. It seems to me that We lose the joy of childhood by connecting with our favorite hobby somewhere. We try to find a valid political basis, and sometimes it is easier to ignore. I’m not saying they don’t exist – I’m saying there’s no point in worrying about them, at least not to such an extent.

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Certainly, When the game is full of bugs, talk about them out loudBut looking for a needle in a haystack gets ridiculous. The truth is that there is no perfect design. No game, no matter how close to the legendary 10/10, will always have something to improve. Moreover, the industry is growing and the innovators are coming up with results – but new problems still emerge.

Let’s enjoy the games

So let’s not add a new invention, a complete invention It shouldn’t even be a topic of discussion. I must admit that I was really pleasantly surprised to read the comments on the PPE news feed about community problems with young Aloy. Although we often have different opinions on some things and ours may differ, I was really happy here. Most entrances were only reassuring.

Aloy w Horizon Forbidden West 2

I read statements from video game fans, fans of this medium, and not from scam seekers. I am glad that there are people who still remember what is most important – just enjoy. And Horizon Forbidden West has everything to make it happen. Would Aloy with a cover-model face and common beauty canons change something? I do not think so. Anyway, it’s a prehistoric-like future – I don’t think a girl would sit in front of the mirror every morning to fix her makeup.

As part of your own bill, it’s enough to remember the angular shape of Lara Croft in the early parts of Tomb Raider. Whole groups of children dreamed about her, and of course their fantasies were doing their job. Was she a model of beauty? Sure, but maybe only in the canons of Minecraft. However, the game was great and I wish you the same with Horizon Forbidden West. I will enjoy exploring the world created by Guerrilla Games and I think that is what we will remember from this game.

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