June 19, 2021

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The horrific death of Alicia Campitelli.  The matter was resolved by recording.  "She killed her brother."

The horrific death of Alicia Campitelli. The matter was resolved by recording. “She killed her brother.”

Philip Keeler heard the accusation Murders His fiancée, Alicia Campitelli, is particularly cruel. Player MMA He reported himself to the police, but tried to convince the officers that someone had broken into their Florida apartment.

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Philip Keeler confessed to the murder on record

During the investigation – while analyzing the surveillance footage – it was discovered that Keeler was about to withdraw money from his fiancée’s bank account. He was supposed to do that after killing her. Investigators found that the 39-year-old made multiple withdrawals using his fiancée’s debit card, according to Florida reports today.

Later in the investigation, a friend of Keeler’s told the police that the 39-year-old had told him about his fiancée’s murder. – You killed her, brother. You killed her like a ***. I did it. I don’t know how, but I can’t live with it, ”said Keeler, who admitted that at the time of the murder he was under the influence of MDMA and threw the murder weapon into the sewer.

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A mixed martial arts fighter faces the death penalty

Last week, Philip Keeler was arrested. If it is proven that he committed the first degree murder, he could be threatened The death penalty.

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Philip Keeler turned eighth Walks In professional MMA, they win two and lose six. Most recently, he was under contract with Titan FC. Final Walks Fought in the Octagon in September 2020.

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