October 18, 2021

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The hospital found a ‘ghost’ employee who had missed work for 15 years

The man was on unit pay, but has not come to work since 2005

An officer at a public hospital in Cattansaro, Italy, has been reported missing for 15 years and continues to receive a salary. Now 67, the man has not shown up for work since 2005, and yet he got it 538 thousand – about $ 3.5 million – during this period.

In addition to the investigative witnesses, the hospital exceeded attendance records with pay. In 2005, the employee threatened the director of the hospital, preventing him from opening an administrative case to investigate his continued absence.

At that point, the director resigned and his heirs did not lose the employee – because he never came to work.

The ‘ghost’ employee will be investigated and held accountable for abuse of power, extortion and fraud. Six hospital managers are being investigated in connection with the case.

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