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The hospital in New Delhi, India collapsed; See reports | The world

Almost out of breath, Shyam Narayan was rushed to a hospital Nova Delhi, Capital India, But his family quickly realized that the overworked medical team could do nothing for him.

Narayanan was one of the victims of the new wave Corona virus What Affects India, If thousands of people come to hospitals and find that there are no beds, they have no oxygen and no life-saving drugs.

India is the third consecutive day in the world record for new daily cases

Narayanan and his family arrive at Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital (GDP) in north-east Delhi Ballet for ambulances, rickshaws and other vehicles Carrying Covit-19 patients. Everyone was waiting for the hospital beds to be released.

Oxygen supplier worker to take cylinder to hospital in New Delhi, India on Saturday (24) – Photo: Sajjad Hussain / AFP

Narayanan’s family tried to find an intensive care unit with oxygen at some hospital at night. But Shyam’s brother Ram says the response was negative in all centers.

“My brother has five children. What am I going to tell his wife?” Ram asks.

There are no beds available in the GDP hospital, as well as other medical facilities in Delhi making it difficult to get oxygen.

All this is happening in a dramatic environment for the country: 2,624 deaths due to corona virus have been reported in India in the last 24 hours, with a daily record of over 340,000 new cases, bringing the total number of infections to 16.5 million.

Thus the hospitals were filled with patients and there was a lack of oxygen to save lives.

Narayanan’s death outside the hospital unfortunately occurs frequently in this country.

WHO: ‘India Reminds of Disaster Power of Virus’ (Watch Video Below)

Tetros: 'India a catastrophic reminder of what viruses can do'

Tetros: ‘India a catastrophic reminder of what viruses can do’

His case certainly does not count in official figures: his lifeless body was taken elsewhere, without being duly admitted to the center.

At the entrance to the GDP hospital, security guards prevent the sick from entering and explain that the rooms are already full.

Some, along with their relatives, decide to wait outside to stay. Others continue their search at other hospitals.

This Saturday (24) a patient is waiting to be treated on a stretcher at a hospital in New Delhi, India – Photo: Sajjad Hussain / AFP

Exhausted, 17-year-old Mohan Sharma waits with his 65-year-old grandfather to give him water and strength and help him wear an oxygen mask.

24 hours ago, Mohan Sharma’s father died of a corona virus, in the same order, in front of the hospital.

“He was choking, unable to breathe, took off his mask and cried, ‘Save me, please save me,’ explains the son.

“But there was nothing I could do. I could only see him die.”

With no time to think about grieving, the teenager now has to help his grandfather. The family was able to find a bed, but the old man longed for the terrible environment.

People who are able to enter the hospital describe crowded corridors, beds or stretchers occupied by even two or three people. Sharma’s grandfather’s oxygen cylinder is almost empty and there is no guarantee that it can be replaced.

“The three bodies were so close that it scared him and he said he was not going to survive. I had to take him out and now he is resting,” says Sharma.

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