July 28, 2021

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The House of Representatives approved the law establishing the Zamo Academy

The House of Representatives approved the law establishing the Zamo Academy

The creation of the Zamość Academy in Zamo on the basis of the existing Szymon Szymonowic envisages a law adopted Thursday by Seym. The Academy will start operating on 1 September.

233 deputies voted in favor of the bill, 204 opposed it, and two abstained. The law establishing the Zamo Academy was prepared by a group of PiS members.

The law provides for the establishment of the Zamo Academy with its headquarters in Zamość on September 1, 2021, based on the existing list. Simon Shimonovich. According to the law, the property of the university becomes the property of the academy. “The legal effect of the proposed regulation with regard to the rights and duties of universities is the general succession mechanism, that is, the academy takes over all the rights and obligations of the university” – referred to in the justification.

As we read in the explanatory note, the university is currently entitled to provide education in 9 undergraduate courses: Philology, National Security, Finance and Accounting, Information Technology, Logistics, Mechanics and Machine Building, Education, Nursing, Tourism and Recreation.

The Academy is supervised by the Minister responsible for higher education and sciences.

“In the modern age, the revitalized university must fulfill the mission that for more than two centuries has shaped the elite of the Polish nation in the spirit of the principles of pietas Literata, Deo et Patriae, and the mission expressed in the motto: GOD HONOR HOMELAND, and the Zamojska Academy fulfills it” – Confirmed in justification. It was added that it should be a private institution in which citizens of the Polish state are prepared in a responsible and multifaceted manner, not only to perform various public activities and functions, but also to carry out active efforts to protect, develop and strengthen the cultural and civilizational heritage of Poland.

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“The main objective of the revitalized Zamo Academy requires that the education conducted be based on the science of history, in-depth Polish humanities and social studies, created in the spirit of philosophical realism and the Christian national tradition” – he added.

According to the law, the first president of the academy will be appointed by the minister responsible for higher education. During the vote, a modification of the left lost, nullifying this solution.

Employees working at the University will become employees of the Academy, however – as provided by law – employment relations with such employees will end after 3 months from the date of entry into force of the Law, if they are not offered new work and payment before that date, or if they refuse Accept new business and payment terms. During the vote, the opposition lost (KO and Left) amendments that assumed that university employees would become academics and that their working relationships would not end 3 months after the law went into effect.

Now the bill will go to the Senate (PAP)

Author: Szymon Zdziebijowski

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