September 22, 2021

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The International Space Station is leaking again.  The Russians discovered cracks in the Zarya unit

The International Space Station is leaking again. The Russians discovered cracks in the Zarya unit

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Russia fed up with cooperating with the US in space? Focuses on the “Watani” project. [OKO NA ŚWIAT]

The International Space Station (ISS) is a structure that certainly had its youth behind. The first unit of the station (Zarya) was launched in 1998 by the Russians (but its construction was financed by the Americans) and became the basis for the largest station ever built, which orbits the Earth.

The Russians found a leak in the Zarya unit

The individual elements of the ISS are constantly being updated (even some solar panels have recently been replaced), but from time to time new flaws appear. From the information provided According to the Russian RIA, new cracks were found in the Zarya unit.

The gaps are “superficial” and so far relatively small. However, they can be the cause of the small air leaks that the International Space Station is struggling with. Worse, the gaps are likely to widen over time to the size of threat stations, so they need to be fixed quickly.

The Russians have long struggled with the problems of the narrowness of the International Space Station. In September 2019, cracks were discovered in Zuweizda unit, It looks like Patching the gaps has been attempted twice (in October 2020 and March 2021), but the problem persists. Another air leak was observed in this station unit in July.

The Russians want to abandon the International Space Station

Frequent air leaks from Russian units is not the end of the problems. At the end of July, Roscosmos connected a new science unit to the International Space Station, the construction of which was completed with a delay of 14 years. Unfortunately, due to a software error, the Science unit fired its engines shortly after docking at the station, causing the entire space station to spin. Just 47 minutes later, the International Space Station regained control by launching the maneuvering engines.

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Russians In April this year. They admitted that they were considering resigning from participating in the largest international space projectIt is the International Space Station. In their opinion, after 2025, the station will begin to deal with a torrent of failures, which will make maintaining its presence there no longer profitable.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that, only a few days later, Roscosmos announced the construction of its own space station, which will be a completely “national” mission and a “massive breakthrough”. The plant will be built by 2030 at a cost of about 6 billion dollar.