September 22, 2021

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"The Internet has exploded," she says.  Strange translations after leaking the recording from the meeting of the Kurdistan region of Iraq |  Policy

“The Internet has exploded,” she says. Strange translations after leaking the recording from the meeting of the Kurdistan region of Iraq | Policy

The media published excerpts from the new session of the National Council of the Judiciary, which took place last Friday (September 10). When the chairman, Bowie Stern, orders a vote (in the far mode), you can hear a woman’s voice asking if she should vote “yes” or “no.”

The head of the new National Council of Journalists responded to these words. – Ladies and gentlemen, please turn off the microphones, because we can hear conversations from the phones – said Sterna. It seemed that the woman did not hear his words and kept asking how to vote.

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Judge Juszczyszyn’s lawyer to remove him from sentencing

– Please turn off the microphones, because you are on loudspeaker, in the forum – repeated the Speaker.

The voice was still coming out of Zbigniew Łupina’s account. Bartomig Starosta, president of the Judges Cooperation Forum, disclosed the case.

“Scandal in neoKRS! An unauthorized person participated in remote voting. From Zbigniew Łupina’s profile, one can hear Ladies Voice: “What do I vote for? Yes or no?” Therefore, there can be fraud, as well as incitement to crime,” wrote Camila Gasyuk Behović, deputy chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Justice and Human Rights.

The President of the National Courts Registry requests urgent clarifications

As announced by the head of the National Council of the Judiciary, Pawes Sterna, the matter will be clarified in the next Presidium of the National Council of the Judiciary – on September 20.

Council President Zbigniew Zupina also requested urgent written explanations. Sterna stressed that “the council and the public will be immediately informed of the arrangements and decisions taken regarding the situation.”

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The European Commission wants to repeal anti-LGBT decisions. Poland is expected to respond on Tuesday

– I didn’t check if someone voted for or on behalf of one of the council members. I focused on the fact that during the meeting there were no votes other than the members of the Council. I did not pay attention to it, because not all information is filtered, but after these questions I will analyze them in detail – he stated this in an interview with WP Head of the National Courts Register.

Lupine: We had an accident. The wife says

virtual Poland Judge Łupina was asked to comment on the matter. At first, he didn’t want to speak because he claimed to be in the hospital. But he changed his mind after reporters asked if his wife had voted for him during the last session of the National Council of the Judiciary.

“Interestingly, the woman also told her husband what he would say during the conversation with us” – writes WP.

“Say we had a breakdown, I helped you” – another Polish reporter Once A female voice was heard on the receiver.

When asked if his wife was still responsible for him, Lubina said, “After that I felt so bad that I could barely sit on this screen. I had to use my wife’s help.”

Anthony MaserevichMacierewicz notifies the Prosecutor’s Office. After publishing the counter report

When asked if he had told his wife how to vote, he replied, “I don’t remember what it was like anymore. I doubt it. We even had a meltdown. The internet went down, my wife says. I don’t know what it looks like there.”

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After a while, he made the reservation: “But my wife certainly did not vote for me.” Helping his wife, he explained, was “bringing the laptop to bed.” He also admitted that he had nothing to complain about.