July 28, 2021

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The Italians showed an uglier face.  'Austria was just a few centimeters away from the upgrade'

The Italians showed an uglier face. ‘Austria was just a few centimeters away from the upgrade’

Euro 2020 entered a crucial stage. The first matches of the 1/8 final were held on Saturday. At first, the Danish team crushed Wales 4: 0. In the second match, the Italians defeated Austria in extra time 2-0. For a long time, the Austrians were defending themselves as best they could. But at the start of extra time, their dreams were thwarted by Federico Chiesa, and later by Matteo Pesina. Sasa Kalajditch scored an honorary strike for Austria.

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The ugly but victorious face of Italy. Comments after the Italy-Austria match

The very exciting match at Wembley caused quite a stir on Twitter. In the comments posted on the portal, the career atmosphere was dominated by the position of the Italian national team, but for the most part the Austrians were praised. Experts pointed out that not long ago Polish representation He beat the team led by Franco Foda in the qualifying rounds for the European Championship.

Exciting extra time and three goals at Wembley! The Italians are out of trouble after a surprise match at the 1/8 Euro 2020 finals

– These are sad matches today when you look at the fact that we finished the last qualifying rounds over Denmark and Austria – wrote Peter Majsherzak, journalist from Sport.pl.

– The commentator pointed out that we scored 4 points with Austria and did not concede any goal Matthew Borek.

– High quality from the Austrians. He doesn’t put a stick into the spokes, but he presses, squeezing out a whole host of offensive solutions, focus, condition, and consistency. The match in which there is no candidate in the second half – commented the journalist from “Tygodnik Powszechny” Michał Okoński.

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Denmark has a great match against Wales and Austria faces Italy. Salt in our wounds – acknowledged journalist Weszlo.com Przemysław Michalak.

It’s nice to be Italy, but it’s really a pity for Austria. Great respect – wrote journalist Peter Selazny.

The Italian national team broke the world record!  It is impassable.  phenomenonThe Italian national team broke the world record! It is impassable. phenomenon

– If you want to win the championship, you must have a rope-breaking match. Bravo Italia – Recognized Canal + Sport commentator Andrei Tawarovski.

– A lot of nervousness. Good luck, but such a tournament match has to happen. The most ugly but most important face is the victor of Italy. Great respect for the Austrians. There was little cm From the promotion – wrote Eleven Sports commentator, Piotr Dumanowski.

– A few days after this match, few will remember that the Austrians performed well, even scored a goal, were in a perfect position, etc. Most will remember two great goals from Italy, including Habiba Chiesa and promotion to the quarter-finals. Great match! – said Jacek Kurowski, journalist for TVP Sport.

“1-2-3-4. The second time in a row. Say it out loud.” Revelation for Euro 2020 in trance

Express your football feelings on a huge screen in Warsaw

euro It’s over for Poland, but not for the Polish fans. Follow MuralWrite who you support, rate matches and predict favorites until the final, we will select the best from the logos sent every day and put them on the largest LED screen in Warsaw at Unii Lubelskiej Square and on the website Mural. Attention! We update the screen daily and can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

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