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The Klan star after the wedding. Show Jacob Tolak his wife

The Klan star after the wedding.  Show Jacob Tolak his wife

He married Jacob Tollak, who is remembered by many viewers from the series “Klan”. On the internet, he shared his unique story and charming frame with his sweetheart. There should be no time before and no time after. Let it always be okay,” he admits.

Jacob Tollak and Zofia Samsel are married! Klan’s Danielle has shared the happy news with fans via social media. On his Instagram profile, we can find charming frames of a young couple, to which the newlyweds added a sincere entry about his love.

“Are you … – Yes. We have been thinking about getting married while traveling for a long time. We almost succeeded in Macedonia, but due to the current times, the process of completing documents was so long that we had to leave Macedonia without changing the situation. Yesterday, we filled it out. Back on the bus and we went on a tour of Poland.And since only yesterday we call ourselves “husband” and “wife.” It is interesting to hear “I wish you all the best a new way of life” when non-stop new ways open up for us. This is literal. Speaking of figurative meaning, we hope we don’t notice any major changes in our relationship. We will remain self-aware and continue to look at ourselves with those loving buttery eyes. There is no “before” and “after” time. Let’s always be okay “- admits Jacob Tolac.

Jacob Tollak is known to viewers from such productions as “Klan”, “Nothing Funny” or “French Number”. The 39-year-old left his acting career a few years ago and focused on his passion, i.e. traveling. Since then, in his virtual gallery, there are more and more reports of life on the road, accompanied by his beloved Zofia and the dog Hipi. In love with their four-legged friend, they travel the world and live in a self-built mobile home, which has become their second home with stunning views. You can find reports of trips in Spain, Albania, Serbia and Croatia on the “Foxes in Eden” channel.

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