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The Korean magician in the first trailer. Crafton developed the game based on the novel The Drinking Bird

The Korean magician in the first trailer.  Crafton developed the game based on the novel The Drinking Bird

“The Bird That Drinks Tears” is a series of Korean fantasy novels by Young Do Lee. It is a rare representative of the “Korea Fantasy” genre in which elements of Western fantasy are replaced or mixed with their Korean counterparts. We know Crafton plans to create an entire world based on stories, and we can admire the first effects of the work now.

Krafton, behind the success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is preparing for the next game show. We learned last year that the studio wanted to draw a handful of the dark fantasy universe and is working on a single-player RPG. The band once admitted that the original story could not be compared to any other, however, The Witcher by CD Projekt RED is a “role model”. Participating in the project is Ian McCaig, an artist whose portfolio includes such famous brands as “Avengers”, “Harry Potter”, “Star Wars” and “Terminator”.

As a good start we received a trailer confirming the use of the novel “The Bird That Drinks”. – Produced on Unreal Engine 5 and likely will allow players to take on the role of the main character in the book Kagan Drak, also known as the Nhaga Slayer.

The Nhaga is a snake-like race inspired by East Asian folklore that inhabits the hot and humid jungles of an interesting world south. Characters can become immortal thanks to the ritual removal of their hearts, which is probably presented in the material below – it seems that one of the characters, even after losing his head, is still alive.

In the published trailer, which was based on McCaig’s concept art, we see a character killing the Nhaga group, but the action is presented from an unusual perspective – we’ve already seen that in the very popular trailer for the first Dead Island. Of course, we follow CGI screenshots, but the upgraded graphics are pretty cool.

“The main objective of the unstated project is to expand the epic scope of the tear-drinking bird in the gaming world. The team plans to combine the influence of a popular Korean fantasy novel with game fans around the world.”

The Koreans assert that this is a “visual concept trailer” and they have spent more than two years creating characters and a mysterious world.

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