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The Kosovo authorities got their way. Criticism of the United States and the European Union

Relacje Kosowa i Serbii są bardzo napięte (fot. Shutterstock/Brilliant Eye)

The Kosovar police began issuing instructions to residents of the country who did not replace their license plates issued by the Kosovar authorities. The case concerns Serbs living in the country and still using Serbian registration.

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The first person has received a written instruction with instructions on how to re-register the car after midnight, i.e. when the law in question comes into effect. Kosovo Serbka, who crossed the border between Serbia and Kosovo in Zarinje, told KosovoOnline that he would not change the plates for now, unless this was the official position of the authorities in Belgrade.

The government in Kosovo has decided that regulations for the unification of registration boards will come into force from today, after several postponements of the deadline. Failure to comply with them will result in first a reprimand and then a financial penalty. The Serbian Kosovar plates are expected to disappear by April 21 next year.

The head of Kosovo’s Interior Ministry, Xelal Svecla, wrote on his profile on a social networking site: “I encourage citizens not to be held hostage by political interests.”

Meanwhile, both the United States and the European Union have criticized the Kosovar authorities’ decision. According to an agreement reached a few years ago, a one-year transition is required before the uniform number plates are introduced. Therefore, Prime Minister Albin Kurdi was called upon to postpone the implementation of the law for another ten months.

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