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The largest fish area in the world. Exciting lights from Antarctica [WIDEO]

The largest fish area in the world.  Exciting lights from Antarctica [WIDEO]

The discovery was made by the crew of a German research vessel crossing the Weddell Sea, one of the coldest bodies of water in the world. It was there that, more than 100 years ago, the Ernest Shackleton’s ship was destroyed by ice, forcing the traveler to undertake a heroic rescue operation, perhaps the most famous in the history of Antarctica exploration.

This time, German scientists went to the Weddell Sea. They were interested in a phenomenon called subduction, which is the rise of deep icy ocean waters. We don’t know what they found in this TopicsBut, as is often the case in science, they discovered something completely different by accident.

It was three in the morning and most of the Polarsten crew was asleep when the cameras bumped into something unexpected – another fish’s nest appeared on screen every 20 seconds. “They didn’t want to in the end, they were all over the place,” Lillian Boehringer, who was the first to see the camera read, told the New York Times.

Later, other scientists joined her, and for the next four hours they saw the same picture: a nest with a lone fish guarding it above it. “We wondered if this would ever end,” comments Autun Purser, lead author of an article in Current Biology where the scientists reported their discovery. They waited nearly a year with her – their flight took place in February 2021.

For a long time they could not believe what they saw, because the largest known breeding colony of white-blooded fish has 60 nests. The picture taken by the Germans is the size of Malta – 240 How many ko It contains about 60 million nests.

How is it possible that no one has seen this before. How much more can we find out if we find something like this? asks the stalker.

Pure blood like vodka

White-blooded fish are the only known vertebrates that do not have red blood cells in their veins. The New York Times wrote: “Their blood is as pure as vodka.” It is led by a huge heart, and the blood they pump out is transparent, because there are no red blood cells and hemoglobin responsible for transporting oxygen in it. White-blooded fish adapt differently – oxygen, which is not lacking in icebergs waters In the south, they absorb not only through the gills, but also through the skin.

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Each nest contains on average 1,735 large eggs. They are easy prey for predators – starfish, polychaetes or sea spiders. That is why the males run over the nests.

Scientists noted that the nests were located in an area with water that is too warm for the prevailing conditions (1.6 ° C). They noticed something else – 50 How many In the east, they discovered more nests. But there were no fish – the nests were taken up by sponges and corals, creatures that need many years to grow. It is not known why the fish left these areas.

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