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The Last of Us: Remake

The Last of Us: Remake

For many commenting on current events in the gaming world, especially the PlayStation world – this uncertain announcement stirs emotions on par with what already came before it. When The Lat of Us was born in 2013, we celebrated the arrival of the most important brand in Sony history to date. The emotional roller coaster changed the direction of the adventure game, creating a new sub-genre of “Action & Survival”.

Always since its first show, this story has delighted, thought-provoking and inspiring. After nine years in the market, rumors and speculations about the new version of the PlayStation 5 game are increasing. We’re living in the renaissance of the most popular games a decade ago, Capcom confirmed the existence of Resident Evil 4 (2023) just a few days ago. According to industry reports, The Last of Us: Remake will arrive this winter. Unofficial sources refer to the last quarter of 2022. The rhetorical question “do we really want this” is a slight contradiction. Even if this great project still defends itself well after many years with gameplay mechanics, history and technical class – the results of the new version matter to us very much. So let’s gather everything to know about the game that is likely to be developed.

Facts and Myths

The media epic shows that “The Last of Us: Remake” is Bloomberg’s work shaping public opinion. The site’s editors last year noted the possibility of creating a modernized version of the game. Based on the engine of The Last of Us: Part II, using a large portion of the assets from the sequel, it was to be released on both generations of consoles. Beginners had the opportunity to try out the visualization of the first part on the continuity engine. The Last of Us 2 is filled with many scenes from the past, but let’s keep quiet about it. The rest of the people who don’t know the game should check the topic themselves. However, if it were only for Bloomberg, the meaning of this article would be despicable. So, let’s take into the drawer of legend the concept that the game does not arise. Facing the upcoming HBO series, Hajj is working to increase ratings in earnest. The social storm after The Last of Us: Part II has already passed, and a lot has been written and said about the plot of the pub. HBO shocks you with nostalgia going back to the beginning of the story when Joel and Ellie went through pain together.

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So it is advisable to replenish the brand to get into the wallets of players – here no one will spare money, even in case of hyperinflation. VGC released a report with information about the premiere dated the second half of this year. It’s June now, so if The Last of Us: Remake is released, it will be closer to winter. Like God of War: Ragnarok. On the other hand, the media is publishing interesting reports about the alleged inevitable transformation of Ragnarok to the year 2023. Thus, Sony will provide itself with the appropriate publishing means. This year for PS4/PS5 is already successful, starting in January. While writing the script, someone at Sony was quick to reveal The Last of Us: Part 1. So the reports were true. Although the Remastered Edition is still defending itself in view, we’ll be getting a complete remake. From the technical side, of course, the screenshots show a clear similarity with the second part – the game runs on the same engine as Naughty Dog. Amid the influx of comments, many questions were raised about the meaning of the project. Sure, the HBO series plus TLoU: Part 1 will cement the brand for years to come, but I have one doubt. The interest in this part of the story, which players remember so much, means that the final part of The Last of Us: Part III will involuntarily receive as heavy a reception as the second part.

Most fans will immediately recognize the following scenario as weaker, worse, featuring a lot of “other”. He didn’t want it, but the show and the new show play the same note – a flight from Boston to America. I’m not worried about the quality, but according to old information, the first part was already created at the time of closing the follow-up into production. Naughty Dog took over the project about 18 months ago. So the theory about the two games starting almost simultaneously seems perfectly reasonable. Will switching developers negatively affect the game? It’s still a well-known story that doesn’t even require new dialogue paths. The conversation line of the prototype still captures its message and representation. In addition, the brand will also carry over to computers.

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Is it worth it?

the last of us

The Last of Us is being recreated. In a completely new arrangement, although not quite so. The game will probably use 100% of the system foundations for the second part. Ironically, the first game was the basis for the expansion of The Last of Us: Part II. Some would call the initiative taking the easy way out and leaving a little creativity behind. It is a fact and a myth at the same time. It’s a myth that Bend Studio was working on this moisturizer. The team has been given the go-ahead to produce their own game, but not the other story of Deacon St. John. Off-the-shelf technology means more focus on building a story. Now comes the most interesting point of the program. The Last of Us: Remastered running on PlayStation 5 still looks and moves appetizing. Having experienced the emotional journey of Joel and Ellie recently, I have continued to explore the locations already encoded in memory with the same vigor. Boston suburbs, woodland steppes, and hotels create a unique aura of survival. The Last of Us, like the cult Resident Evil decades before, created a subgenre of action game – survival. If the remake is released somewhere in two years, it would be a celebration of the game’s 10 years on the market and the brand’s presence.

The question is, will it be possible to recreate the unforgettable dialogues and shots. The original is still a conceptual sign here. Years ago, he laid the foundation for a different emotional tone in games. This was admitted by Cory Barlog himself, director of the Scandinavian iteration of God of War for more than three years. It is a safe and profitable venture at the same time. There’s also the other side of the coin – does the studio bear the burden of expectations? We’ll see with time.

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