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The latest issue of Tygodnik Solidarno: The Fortieth Pilgrimage of the Workers. Rafał Woś: The Social Teaching of the Church

The latest issue of Tygodnik Solidarno: The Fortieth Pilgrimage of the Workers.  Rafał Woś: The Social Teaching of the Church

Before us is the 40th anniversary of the workers’ pilgrimage to which the latest issue of Tygodnik Solidarność is dedicated.

“Catholics know economics,” says Raffaei Wu.

The Church’s social teaching is perhaps the most underrated part of the Catholic heritage. Meanwhile, one of the most useful in the modern world.
There is a special set of sins in Catholicism. They can even be called “super nuts.” There are few of them. Only four. The church officially calls them “sins crying out into heaven for vengeance.” Among those crimes that directly and grossly violate the human order established by God on earth, there is the “withholding of workers’ wages”, i.e. nothing but – in completely secular language – the violation of the basic rights of workers.

I like to raise this sin in conversations with both Catholics and non-Catholics. The former tend, unfortunately, to forget the social and economic message of Christianity. This is manifested in an excessive focus on subjects – colloquially – from the waist down. About abortion, sexual activity, or more recently about gender issues. No one is saying that these are issues that can be influenced by a believer’s faith. But – on the heart side – don’t they often block out the whole picture?

“Father Jerzy – we’re watching!” Agnieszka Żurek writes on the pilgrimage of workers.

From the beginning, the pilgrimage of the toilers to Jasna Góra helped to defend the dignity of the toilers and to entrust them with the most important matters of divine providence at the hand of Our Lady of Czestochowa. For forty years, Tadamon has consistently maintained the tradition of the September pilgrimage.
Solidarity chaplain organized by Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko. It took place on the last Sunday in September 1983, during a period of martial law. It gathered several thousand people, most of them workers. At that time, the Divine Liturgy was presided over by Rev. Pauline. Simon Stefanovic Sr. Jerzy Popiełuszko recited the faithful prayer and then led the Way of the Cross on Wały Jasna Góra.

“We are together on a pilgrimage” – Barbara Megawska writes memories of previous pilgrimages.

Tadamun members and supporters say that participating in the labor pilgrimage is a unique experience. Some of them shared their memories of their visits to Jasna Góra.

– I can’t even count which one will be the pilgrimage of the working people. I haven’t been to all of them, but I have certainly attended a dozen times. Sometimes they occur in the rain, in the cold, in the heat. But this did not alienate the pilgrims in any way. I believe that once a year, on the third weekend of September, all members and supporters of Solidarity should be at Jasna Góra, because everyone has something to thank and everyone has something to ask. It is a magical place from which man returns, fortified with charged batteries. Every year it’s a little different, but every year it’s just as beautiful – says Tadeusz Magschroec, Vice President of the National Committee of the NSZZ “Solidarno”.

“European Energy Suicide” – You can read about the situation in the energy sector in an article by Theresa Wojcic.

The European Union adopted the European Green Deal Agenda, which outlined a plan to reduce carbon emissions and increase investment in renewable energy. Meanwhile, according to data from the US Energy Information Administration, wind turbines around the world produce an average of 25 to 50 percent. energy from its installed capacity. Solar panels – 10-35 percent of installed capacity. This is the crux of the unreliability of wind and solar energy, leading to chaos.
In Europe, recent changes in the energy sector have begun with an environmental agenda that announces complete decarbonization of electricity generation. For now, these changes are turning into an increasingly serious energy crisis. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic joined the anti-market decarbonization programme, followed by Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Bartosz Boruciak talking to Michał Lorenc, composer of film music.

I work at the last minute and last minute. Music delivered mostly late. In the past, writing music was much easier. Ideas came more freely. And free market time is not free market time, but free market time (laughs). Fierce competition must also be emphasized. However, I do not consider this competition a personal competition. I’m already a regressive composer. I am glad that I can work with professionals on many film productions. Contemporary Polish artists have great ideas that they implement perfectly.

What’s the case?

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– “Germany is in a panic” – Wojciech Kollecki on the compensation report
– “The Right and What’s Next” – Agnieszka Żurek on the practical dimension of reparations
– “China. Rape, castration, sterilization” – Wojciech Kulicki on the UN report on the Middle Kingdom
– “where is the truth?” – Sebastian Bettel, “Stairs”
– “The Islamic Conquest and the Resistance” – A. Marek Jan Chudakiewicz
– “Waiting for the Attack” – Barbara Michałowska for the cinematography of “Attack on the Region”
– “Solidarity was a tool for restoring independence” – Matthew Werwich introduces Marek Mucinski
“Deep Crisis at the Museum of Literature” by Marcin Krzyszowicz
– SPORT: “Bednarek joins Cash” ukasz Bóbr and “Vuelta with surprises” Barbara Michałowska

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