June 19, 2021

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“The left wing is not mercilessly plundering the Poles.” PEGAT on changes in taxes

We have always said that we will vote for solutions that are good for Poland and Poles, and we are not the only ones. Opposition parties, not just the left, also voted for the five for the animals. We’ll see what will be in the Polish Lada, what will be in deeds. We will not announce anything now – said Polsat News.

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When asked whether the direction of the changes proposed by the Prime Minister, which stipulates the need to reconcile social inequalities and tax high-income earners, is a good direction, she replied: “We are in favor of a more just tax system, but also increased spending on health protection.” – We don’t think you can wait with her. In this matter, we have reservations about what the government has proposed – Bogat explained.

housing policy

Referring to the housing policy, she noted that “the only apartments for rent in Poland in the coming years will be those guaranteed by the left in the national reconstruction plan.” – The government repeats the mistakes it made several times – evaluated.

– Regardless of whether a person works for a company or works full time, he must pay taxes in proportion to his earnings. She said that even today people who run small businesses have trouble with the fact that fixed fees are a heavy burden on them.

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She argued that the left – contrary to what is attributed to it – is not for “mercilessly plundering people”. – We want the system to be fair, and our tax proposals have always focused on providing relief to those who currently pay exorbitant taxes – Bigatt said in Gravity.

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Taxes are a tool for balancing social inequalities, for increasing social solidarity, and they serve something. The money collected by the state in the form of taxes should go to good public enterprises. She noted that the left’s proposal is very different from the Polish system, which still appears to focus on different types of money transfers, rather than on building a safe society for us that gives us a choice.

Split the camel on the corn

Marcin Fijołek asked about the left-wing energy and climate programme. He pointed out that there is nothing to be said about nuclear energy. – Here, what we do not hide, we have a contradiction program. We all agree that coal should be abandoned ASAP and that we should invest in renewables like wind and sun. She said the party is taking the position that we should invest in nuclear energy in this energy mix to ensure as much stability as possible.

– We disagree here but discussions are ongoing. I hope we can convince our partners of this safe and suitable solution for the future. So far, there is no spring support for this idea. It seems that this investment in nuclear power is not going well. Bigat said that plans to build the power plant have to be completed further, and there is no indication of that.

Tusk on a white horse?

He was asked if there is an opportunity to build apartments for rent under the national reconstruction plan. – These apartments are possible and written in all framework documents. These apartments should be of a high standard, also in terms of energy, and should provide an alternative for people who cannot afford a loan or do not want to pay half their salary to rent an apartment. She emphasized that this is a priority issue for us.

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The leader asked his guest if she had heard of the scenario under which Donald Tusk would return to Polish politics through the Senate on a white horse. We regularly hear these scenarios about different politicians bailing us out. I wouldn’t take them more seriously. Let’s deal with here and now. Let’s stop dreaming, and focus on the program. I stressed that I am not waiting for anyone to save me, but that I go to work.

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