June 19, 2021

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The letter shows an unprecedented view of the super sense of animals

Albert Einstein’s “lost” letter was sent to the famous researcher and Nobel laureate Clin Davis more than 70 years ago. In the message, the German physicist expressed his views “Super Sense“Animals, a concept accepted only by others in the scientific community in the 21st century.

In the message, the scientist noted that some animals may have elevated emotion, which was only officially discovered decades later. In a 1949 letter, Einstein mentions a “physical process” still unknown to Davis, emphasizing that birds may help to understand this problem.

“Investigating the behavior of migratory birds and incoming pigeons will one day lead to an understanding of some bodily processes that are not yet known,” the genius wrote.

In fact, Einstein was right: in 2008 it was announced that birds possess a magnetic sensor that allows them to look at themselves more accurately, and even today, analysts try to better understand the theme and its complexities.

Clint’s widow, Judith Davis, was in possession of a “lost” letter now reprinted by newspapers such as the Daily Mail.

“Seven decades after Einstein proposed that the new physics may come from animal emotion, we see discoveries that enhance our understanding of navigation and the basic principles of physics,” commented Adrian Dyer of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Body.

Carl von Frisch is mentioned in a letter to Davis, an ethics expert and Nobel laureate. Einstein and Frisch were pioneers in the emotional study of bees.