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The “Local Farmer” is a business that has arisen out of the need to take care of the health of the child. ‘We know our suppliers personally’

The "Local Farmer" is a business that has arisen out of the need to take care of the health of the child.  'We know our suppliers personally'
  • Siluya and André Modek own the “Local Farmer” virtual market. On their platform, you can buy products directly from suppliers
  • They came up with the idea of ​​working under the influence of their daughter’s illness, whose body can’t stand the preservatives full of store products
  • Siluya says – Our children’s health issues were the impetus for changes that were beneficial to all of us
  • In 2014, the couple acquired 450,000. PLN subsidies from the Operational Program for Innovative Economy 8.1. To open your buying platform
  • – I think that in the case of an epidemic, people are used to the fact that vegetables and fruits, or even meat can be ordered online, that these products can be of high quality, and that suppliers can be trusted – explains Seluya
  • More such texts can be found on the Onet homepage

In 2014, Siluja and her husband Andrei from Slovenia founded the platform “Local farmer”, a virtual market where you can buy fresh products directly from their producers. The company has succeeded, and users are using the platform all over Poland.

The idea of ​​the business arose when it turned out that the body of their daughter does not tolerate preservatives, which are in store products.

Zarga today is 12 years old. She is mentally retarded and has autism. In children like our daughter Allergies are common – Says Siluya. – But not only was Zerga sick. My husband often had bronchitis as a child, and I am also allergic to some preservatives. My daughter’s health issues have been the impetus for the changes that have been good for all of us.

Mała Zarja became inspired to create a virtual market – a local farmer

When Zuriga was born, Sylvia was working in the office. The girl was growing up and her mother was still on sick leave to take care of the sick child. In the end, Sylvia was fired from her job.

– I was at home, but the problem remained unresolved: my daughter was still sick. I used to go to the same doctors all the time, and my daughter had tests that showed nothingAnd Zerga suffered. I just wanted someone to find out why. We looked for it in our daughter’s diet. By way of exclusion, it turned out that few products were safe for her.

Once, Zarga went on vacation to her grandmother in Slovenia, where she had the opportunity to try new flavors.

– Her mother-in-law did a really good job – says Siluya. – I warned you: Mom, please, Zarga can only eat these specific things. But my relatives are true foodies. The first words I heard from them when we got to know each other were: Remember, food is very important to us.

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– My mother-in-law did not listen to me, I began to introduce other products and juices into the Zarga diet. The child returned from his grandmother healthy and full. It turns out, The key to a proper diet is the quality and origin of the products. I made the decision So I act and look for suppliers on my own. It started with mini markets and local bazaars. I took my daughter with me and took her as a weapon. I only approached sellers who had a few items on offer.

– Anyway, so far I recommend this method in the “test”. I asked the farmers: Are these fruits and vegetables from your farm or do you use sprays? As a rule, I received two responses. Some have said that nothing can be grown without spraying. Others believe that what they sell has never been sprayed. Then I told them I had a sick child. “If you don’t tell me the truth, tomorrow my daughter will come in with severe asthma.” I would say frankly: this is a matter of life or death.

Then the real conversation began. I heard “these peaches and apples are mine, but you don’t take the other better.”

– That was my style. Later, when I began to go to the manufacturers to their farms, I played the role of “inquisitor”. I was interested in how meat is produced. Well, in terms of meat production, it’s more complicated: it comes with the right nutrition, antibiotics …

Time passed, and Siluya and Andrej began to look for small-scale producers and farms in their area. And it turned out that the food they bought from them was accepted by the corpse of Zerga. The network of domestic producers was constantly expanding.

Our friends knew we brought food from “proven sources” and often asked us to shop. I vividly remember the moment they started feeling a little awkward because they kept asking us for something. “Are you looking for tomatoes? Bring them to us.” Finally, it begs the question: Why don’t you do something about it?

– Later, they told us it was a sigh of relief that they didn’t have to “harass” us every week. But in fact, the foundations for the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthis business come from the Andrej family. His father has an informal shopping group in Slovenia. Together with friends from a neighbor and other local farmers, they buy meat, vegetables, dairy products and fruits. They divide them and group them together into specific products.

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However, the weekly visits to the hosts eventually became too stressful for the Mudick family, as they consumed a lot of time and energy. The couple decided to take a risk and create an Internet portal. In May 2014, the first version of the virtual real food market appeared.

A Facebook group has been created whose members can submit requests in a table in Google Docs. They received their purchases from collection points, and the first such point was established in the Bemowo district of Warsaw.

– The first two orders were over 4000 per group. We did it without any flyers, ads, or business cards – Seluya recalls. – We saw that this system works, and that makes sense. We decided to participate in a competition for funding. In the first version of “Local Farmer”, which was launched in May 2014, we invested about 700 thousand. zloty. 450 thousand of this amount, we got from the Operational Innovation Economy Program 8.1.

In 2015, the first investors appeared – Hedgehog Fund and Protos Ventures – which to date have invested more than 2 million PLN in developing the site. One of these “business angels” is football player Robert Lewandowski.

Siluya and Andrei know their suppliers personallySiluya and Andrei know their suppliers personally – a local farmer

The Modik family’s life was changing for the better. Eating healthy has had a positive impact on every aspect of it.

– For me, the most important thing was a peaceful sleep for my daughter. Before that, I spent months on Earth watching her in the hospital. We found out he had autism pretty quickly, and we took action right away. But it pains me that apart from these health issues, the child also suffers from not being able to eat normally. Suddenly we found a solution.

Siluya adds that she and her husband noticed that they were alone at the end They began to eat, but also to celebrate the moment of sitting at the table and eating together.

– I know my supplier personally and this relates to a completely different awareness of food. I ate and talk with my family about sausage “from Cuba”, tomatoes from someone else. There are specific people behind what we have on our plate and I got to know them all, I talk to them and discuss the ingredients of their products. I happen to have a specific effect on this configuration.

– For the first three years of our daughter’s life, I went on vacation with my own bag of vegetables – adds Siluya. – I was afraid to go to the local restaurant. It dramatically changes the quality of life when you can’t trust anyone. But in the end, this trend towards “unprocessed” and “non-enriched” healthy food started to emerge more and moreAs a result, chefs also began to pay more attention to the quality and origin of products. Today there are more and more places that we would like to visit. You can see this difference at every step.

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Siluya also provides a simple example from her kitchen: When he puts minced meat from his supplier in the pan, a gram of water will not leak from it, And the homemade spaghetti bolognese will be really tasty.

"local farmer" Delivers products all over PolandThe company “Lokalny Rolnik” supplies products throughout Poland – a local farmer

The Modice couple completely devoted themselves to working on the “local farmer”.

– I deal with the acquisition of coordinators and Andrej with the acquisition of investors as well as the ongoing service of the company. We work together, but when evening comes we try not to talk about the company. We even wondered if we could do something else in life. But we love food and “Local Farmer” is our mission. c.We want to show people how important the quality of the products we eat are. How does this affect our well-being and health.

Has the pandemic greatly affected the business of Siluya and Andrei? Yes, definitely, because over the course of two years the company has recorded a significant increase in the number of users.

– I thinkPeople are used to the fact that vegetables, fruits or even meat can be ordered online and that these products can be of very high quality.Suppliers can be trusted – says Siluya.

– Today I feel very relieved that I can create something good. Relationships are the most important to us. And for me, it is very important that our suppliers trust. Of course, as in every home, we have discussions and difficulties and problems that we solve. But we are partners, there is no doubt about our anonymity. We offer our “Local Farmer” users what we eat ourselves and give to our children, that is, our loved ones. Could there be a better recommendation?

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