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The loudest styling of first American women: Trump, Biden, Cleveland

The loudest styling of first American women: Trump, Biden, Cleveland

The first women are constantly monitored by the media and their actions are determined by the public. They should also give more importance to the unfortunately chosen attire that can cause political corruption. What are the most popular dresses for presidential wives? We told Dzień Dobry about this on TVN.

Melania Trump’s fashion scandals

Melania Trump gives her first interview since the last US presidential election. In a content aired on Fox on Sunday, May 15, she talked about her husband’s politics and critically assessed the country’s position under Joe Biden. In the wave of this conversation, Sandra Hajduk decided to recall the controversial stylizations of the former American first lady.

– Melania Trump et al attended the famous jacket from the chain, with the words “I’m not really worried, are you?”, Meaning “I’re not really worried, are you?” I remind you that in this jacket she went to meet the immigrants. It was very loud and controversial – Journalist Dzień Dobry told TVN.

Another devastating styling was provided by Melania, who visited the area where Hurricane Harvey struck in 2017. The first lady wore high heels sandals, which received a negative reception as her dress appeared to be inadequate. A year later, at an important summit, she showed herself in full white, with all the other women wearing darker clothes in support of the #MeToo movement.

First ladies styling

The latest styling is also noteworthy Jill Biden, Showed Dressed in blue with sunflowers, it indicates the situation in Ukraine. In this way, the first lady of the United States wanted to show that she was not indifferent to the fate of our eastern neighbors, and stressed that she stood in solidarity with them. Appearance is a favorite example of the first lady’s political creation for Sandra Hajj Francis Cleveland Since the end of the 19th century. At the time, she was the first woman in the United States and the wife of President Grover Cleveland to pose for photos with bare shoulders and neckline.

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– Unthinkable then – Not today. (…) At the time, a petition was even written to the President that 21-year-old Francis should not be the first lady – Sandra Hajduk revealed on our show.

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Main photo source: Good morning TVN

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