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The “Lovers Up To Their Ears” star has a giant lamb’s belly. Katarzyna Grabowska is happy during pregnancy! [ZDJĘCIA] – Szołbiznes – MAXXX . News

The "Lovers Up To Their Ears" star has a giant lamb's belly.  Katarzyna Grabowska is happy during pregnancy! [ZDJĘCIA] - Szołbiznes - MAXXX . News

One of the leading actresses of the recently completed series “In Love to the Ears” – Katarzyna Graboska – is waiting for a baby! The actress recently revealed that she’s already “on the right track” and now she’s showing frames from a moment that’s so important to her. In the foreground: a big pregnancy belly!

Katarzyna Graboska is pregnant

Andrzej Grabowski has reason to be happy. My grandfather will be back soon! The actor, known for his numerous film and serial roles, is particularly the father of two daughters: Zuzana and Katarzina. Now the youngest of them is getting ready to play the role of mother, and the birth is fast approaching! Cassia Graboska in an advanced state of pregnancy, As evidenced by the photos you post. Recently, her closest ladies – with Zuzana Graboska at the head – kicked the actress away baby shower The frames of this event have reached the network. You can see a beautifully round belly, which is really quite big (Second photo in gallery).

Move right.

Andrzej Grabowski’s daughter and baby shower

Katarzyna Grabowska looks delightful when pregnant, It is therefore not surprising that the comments made under the aforementioned post:

You look beautiful Cassia

beautiful girl.

There were also congratulations and wishes for a happy solution:

great time! Happy solution and a lot of joy,

Lots of health for the baby.

During the baby shower for the stars of the series “In Love with Ears”, pink prevailed, confirming the gender of the child; And the happy actress had already revealed to netizens that she and her husband – Damien Kollek – were waiting for their daughter!

Daughter, are you ready for the final straight? What can we do?

– I wrote under one of the recent pregnancy photos.

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