September 22, 2021

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"The Magic of Nudity. Poland".  A new release date for the controversial program

“The Magic of Nudity. Poland”. A new release date for the controversial program

“The Magic of Nudity. Poland” will appear on the small screen after the holidays, in the autumn schedule – the Wirtualne Media portal received such information. The show will be shown on Zoom TV. The exact premiere of the controversial program is scheduled for September 3 at 23:00. “The Magic of Nudity. Poland” will be shown every Friday.

“The Magic of Nudity. Poland” – What is the programme?

“Magic of Nudity” is one of the most controversial shows in Europe. The Polish version, as well as Danish, Finnish, German, Russian and Italian editions, is based on the British “Naked Attraction” format produced by Lambert’s studio. The program formula assumes that participants are able to refer to someone as their partner solely on the basis of a naked body view. This is one of the most interesting TV experiments to see if choosing a partner based on physical characteristics alone determines the success of a relationship.

“Magic of Nudity. Poland” – premiere canceled

The film “The Magic of Nudity. Poland” was scheduled to be shown on May 14 this year. However, the broadcaster abruptly stopped broadcasting the program. The Virtual Media portal subsequently reported that one of the reasons for postponing the show’s premiere may be complaints about the format received by the National Broadcasting Board. There are five complaints in total — four individual complaints and a letter from the Mom and Dad Foundation, Teresa Brzynieszka, a spokeswoman for the National Broadcasting Council, confirmed in an interview with Al Bawaba. Many of them were related to already aired episodes of foreign versions of the format.

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– Currently, actions are underway on the episodes broadcast on April 11 and 25, 2021 (23:00) – in these cases we asked the broadcaster to provide material for analysis – said Teresa Bryczynska some time ago.

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