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The maximum price of coal. There is a decision of the sim

The maximum price of coal.  There is a decision of the sim

On Thursday, Sim passed a law to protect some consumers from rising coal prices. The maximum price for one ton of coal established by law will be 996.60 PLN.

298 deputies voted in favour, 15 deputies opposed, and 136 deputies abstained

coal price limit

It is a law on special solutions intended to protect the recipients of certain solid fuels with respect to the situation in the market for these fuels.

as PIS The act is to counter speculation. According to the opposition, it will help finance state-owned coal trading companies.

The maximum price for one ton of coal has been set at no more than PLN 996.60.00. This is the maximum price, which means that coal offered to consumers may be cheaper. Regulations assume that family members will be able to purchase Max 3 tons of coal at this price.

Compensation for coal selling companies

During the work on the project, the amount of compensation to entrepreneurs was increased from an amount not exceeding PLN 750 in total to PLN 1,073.13 in total for the sale of one ton of solid fuel sold to one family.

The compensation will not be due directly to the buyers, but to the entrepreneurs who will sell the coal to the families.

When buying coal at a preferential price, the seller must be informed of the quantity of coal purchased by the family from the date of entry into force of the law. A statement of heat sources or sources of fuel combustion or a copy of the declaration on heat sources or sources of fuel combustion is also required. It’s about reporting These sources are in the Central Building Emissions Register (CEEB).

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Compensation will be paid at the seller’s request from the Spread Difference Payment Fund, to which additional funds will be transferred from the COVID-19 Countering Fund. The state treasury will be able to allocate a maximum of 3 billion PLN for additional payments.

Implementing project owners are entitled to compensation The economic activity With regard to the marketing of hydrocarbons registered in the Central Register of Selective Entities.

Coal in millions of farms

According to estimates by the Ministry of Climate in the Project Regulation Impact Assessment, the number of households using hard coal for any heating purpose in 2021 was 4.3 million, and in 3.8 million it was the primary means of room heating.

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage estimates domestic hard coal consumption at 7.4 million tons. On June 8, 2022, the number of declarations submitted to the Central Emissions Register for Buildings was about 4.2 million, including about 1.8 million coal- and coal-based fuel boilers.

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