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The medical room prevents children from being vaccinated

The medical room prevents children from being vaccinated

The authorities of the Portuguese Chamber of Physicians and Dentists (OM) have expressed their disagreement with the start planned for the second half of December. Vaccination of children aged 5-11 years against Corona virus. The vaccines recommended by the Ministry of Health for children will be available from the middle of this month.

‘There is no scientific justification’

As told Jorge Amil Dias of the OM Department, vaccinating children in this age group is not necessary, because of the 600,000 Portuguese people aged 5-11, there were few cases and only four were hospitalized in intensive care units.

Dias said the plan to vaccinate children under 12 has no scientific justification and is unnecessary, as herd immunity already exists in Portugal among young children.

They demand the release of test results

Meanwhile, President of the Medical Chamber Miguel Guimarães called on the Portuguese medical service on Thursday to reveal the results of the research on the “real effects”. COVID-19 on the body of children under the age of 11, as well as making arguments about the purported benefits that vaccines would bring.

On Thursday, several groups of the parliamentary opposition demanded that the Portuguese Ministry of Health make the document public.

Meanwhile, in a statement this afternoon, the head of the Directorate General of Health (DGS), Graca Freitas, made it clear that her foundation can only deliver a short message about the impact of vaccines on children’s health. She added that the report on the study on the necessity of vaccinating children aged 5-11 years could not be published because it was an “internal report” for the government health service.

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