October 18, 2021

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The Minister of Education and Science on a visit to Lischi School - Ministry of Education and Science

The Minister of Education and Science on a visit to Lischi School – Ministry of Education and Science

– This school is unique, run by an association founded by parents. We can see a great atmosphere here, great kids and teachers. It is also something to be proud of because the teaching results are very good. I congratulate the school principal, teachers and parents because they make a great contribution to the education of their children – said Minister Przemyslav Kzarnik during his speech.

The minister also referred to the figure of the school’s patroness, Zofia Trzcińska-Kamińska.

The beneficiary is always required and obligated. Zofia Trzcińska-Kamińska is not only a great patriot, but also a social activist, and an outstanding Polish artist. One of our activities is Przemysław Czarnek, who emphasized that one of the important activities of the Ministry of Education and Science in the field of education is the promotion of local history.

– In education, we want to pay more attention to local history. We want children and young people to learn about their local heroes, often family members, and ancestors that they can follow in the future. There is nothing more beautiful than an ancestral memory that can be refined. There are a number of heroes unknown to the local community as the patron of this school. We have prepared regulations that will enable the Minister of Education and Science to create and finance educational projects, thanks to which a school like the one in Lysek will be able to get funds to organize local or national trips related to our history and popular culture. The Minister emphasized that we want to develop a sense of identity and great pride in our ancestors, such as Zofia Kamińska-Trzcińska.

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During the visit, the Minister of Education and Science presented prizes and prizes to pre-school and winning students of the “Moji Liuchi” art school competition. The theme of the competition relates to the biography of the schoolgirl, who grew up in Leśce, in a manor house, where her family lived. After World War II and until 2000, there was a school in Manor House. Primary school students and older children from the so-called pre-school department of kindergarten.

Lece Primary School is a facility with more than 100 years of history. In 2005 it was named after Zofia Trzcińska-Kamińska, the daughter of the previous owners of Lesiec. Zofia was a well-known sacred sculptor and medalist whose works can be found in many churches in Warsaw, Kraków, Tineck, Laski, Katowice, Toro, Bük and Szczecin, and the eagle of her design crowns the main post office building in Lublin. She is the author of numerous sculptures of kings and historical figures (including a statue of Dawn in azienki Królewskie in Warsaw, a bust of Thomas Woodrow Wilson and a monument to Tadeusz Kościuszko in Pozna). Its design is a polychrome inscription modeled on the image of Our Lady of Czestochowa on the second Jasna Góra Gate in Czestochowa, which was consecrated on the day of the celebration of the Virgin Mary, Queen of Poland and the beginning of the Great Novena before. Millennium baptism of Poland by Commander Stefan Wyszyński. It is worth noting the patriotic position of Zofia, who in a male outfit as Zygmunt Tarło joined the Józef Piłsudski II Brigade, and participated in the First World War. In 1934 she was awarded the Golden Cross of Merit.

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Since 2012, the school and kindergarten have been run by the Leśce Rural Development Association. There are 114 children in the primary school in Lecce and in the kindergarten departments. Students successfully participate in charitable causes, national events and celebrations, art competitions, and sports competitions. A theater group and a group of housewives are active in the school.

We would like to extend our best wishes to the entire school community on the occasion of the patron saint!