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The model got 8 million disassembled photos. I want to buy a club. football “discrimination”

The model got 8 million disassembled photos.  I want to buy a club.  football "discrimination"

Chilean model Daniela Chavez recently revealed that she intends to buy O’Higgins Club from profits from the sale of nude photos. The woman has already raised more than eight million dollars and is very close to her goal as her earnings continue to rise. The club is valued at $10 million.

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Soon the information about the desire to buy O’Higgins reached the owners. Ricardo Abomehor, the club’s president, stated that he would not agree to sell the team to a model. “The club is not priced,” O’Higgins said in a statement carried by Ridgeol. “There is no way for the Abu Mahor family to sit down and negotiate with Chavez because they mistreated the club on social media.”

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Chavez reacted very quickly to the club’s announcement. “I raised eight million dollars. Now I can see that O’Higgins’ management does not want to sell the club because I criticized their activities on social media. If they do something wrong, I will criticize them. The club is for sale! Now when I want to.” I buy it, he says no. I thought this guy was more serious. I can do a lot more for the club than he can. I’m a fan and he’s not. The model wrote on Twitter.

Chavez’s letter reached O’Higgins, who issued a statement to this effect, in which he denied that activists did not want to negotiate with the model. “Because of the press articles that the Abu Mehwar family excludes selling the club to a specific person, we want to make it clear that this information is false and does not represent the value of the Abu Mehwar family. Offers must be formally submitted to the board of directors that runs the club. Real, specific or official interests are expressed in Social media. Our actions have nothing to do with discriminating against a person on the basis of their origin, race or social status,” the statement read.

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There are many indications that the Chilean does not intend to surrender fight to buy a club. It referred to the above-mentioned announcement and confirmed that it would submit a formal bid for purchase. When I finished collecting moneyI sit down to negotiate with the club. Social media is only one way to achieve the goal, “- she wrote on the portal.

O’Higgins is currently ranked 8th in Chile Premiere section. The club, founded in 1945, has as many as 55 seasons in the country’s top league. In 2014, he even played in the Copa Libertadores, the European equivalent Champions League. The team withdrew from the group stage.

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