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The modern intercity rickshaws will run from Tri-City

The modern intercity rickshaws will run from Tri-City
  • A new look for the first-class cabin carriages.

New design of first and second class interiors and restaurant carts, booths for families with children with mini cinema and interactive games – this is how modern carts ordered by PKP Intercity look. The contract will cover the delivery of 300 to 450 units. The first will appear in 2025 and will also serve on roads to Tri-City.

Purchased carriages will be visually and technically distinguished. They will acquire new colors, a more comfortable and cozy interior, mood lighting.

In addition to Wi-Fi, USB sockets, air conditioning and individual lighting, which are now standard on IC trains, there will also be inductive chargers, but only in first-class cars. Additional space for luggage under the seats, which will be more comfortable, will cover both classes of cars.

  • This is what some strollers with room should look like for parents traveling with children.
  • An area for families with children in the new intercity buggy.

The new solution will be to provide a space for parents traveling with their children, which will connect the passenger area to a safe play area. It will include, among others, a mini cinema, interactive wall games and touch screens.

Restaurant carts will change as well, taking on a more intimate and atmospheric interior.

  • 38 cabin first class wagons with separate uncombed compartment
  • 40 second-class cabin cars
  • 80 second-class non-cabinet cars
  • 38 second-class cabin cars with places for people with disabilities
  • 40 uncabined second-class carriages with bicycle bays
  • 38 restaurant cars
  • 26 day and night cars ensure comfortable rides at night
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If the right of option is exercised, which will extend the order to 450 wagons, then each of the above classes of rolling stock will be extended by additional units, from 13 to 40 pieces.

The new wagons will be able to run on trains with a speed of up to 200 km / h. PKP Intercity expects to start deliveries in 2025.

  • This is how the cabins of new Intercity cars should look.
  • This is what the new Intercity without cabins will look like.

The new vehicles will be used in the middle class. This means that they will connect the large Polish cities, but also smaller ones, and they will run abroad.

The company plans to launch such communications by 2030.

  1. Gdynia – Warsaw – Katowice – Bohomen – Vienna
  2. Gdynia – Poznan – Wroclaw – Prague
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