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The moon changes already at the weekend. Another blood moon visible from Poland only in 2025

The moon changes already at the weekend.  Another blood moon visible from Poland only in 2025

eclipse the moon It is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when the Earth is between the full moon and the sun the moon Enters the Earth’s shadow cone. This phenomenon does not happen often, but in 2022 lunar eclipses will be shown twice – with the next opportunity soon.

May there is a so-called full flower – the name is derived from the abundant flowering of flowers during this period. The May full moon is also known as the Milky Full Moon, the Full Moon, or the Corn Full Moon.

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A lot changes in space. Low costs help. Cheapest mission to Mars costs $25 million less than ‘Gravity’

Lunar Eclipse – When can you see a lunar eclipse?

The moon will begin to fade and turn red (hence the name blood moon) on the night of May 15/16. In Poland, the eclipse will be visible, but not completely – this phenomenon can be admired Between 3:32 am – 4:27 am It will be possible to observe the total eclipse via internet cameras – it will happen at 5:29. The total stage will end around 6:53. The entire eclipse will stop appearing in the world until 8:50 polishing the time.

Astronomy enthusiasts should take advantage of this opportunity because the next one won’t happen soon. Announcement shows that the next total lunar eclipse, also visible in Poland, has not yet appeared September 7, 2025.

The end of another cooperation with Russia. This time around the European Space Agency and the “una” mission.

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Pink Moon Eclipse. lunar eclipse transmission

We can enjoy a lunar eclipse with the naked eye, through binoculars or through a telescope. This phenomenon takes longer than a solar eclipse, so the eclipse will take several hours to see it. However, everything will depend on weather – If the sky is overcast, we can participate in the online broadcast. One of them will be available on the site NASA Science Live. It will start on May 16 at 01:32 AM.

We will only be able to admire the second lunar eclipse on November 8. It will be noticeable to people who live in Asia, Australia, North America, parts of northern and eastern Europe, the Arctic, and most of South America. This eclipse will not be visible from Poland.

stars (illustration)The Fall of the Stars in May 2022. Eta Acquaridi is before us. What is that?

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