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The most vaccinated country in the world is facing the Govt-19 outbreak

Seychelles, the most vaccinated country in the world by its proportion, makes up about 60% of its population Immunization against Govit-19, Facing a New outbreak. The increase in cases in the small African country raises a series of questions about the effectiveness of the developed vaccine Chinese Lab Synopsis, Which was managed for most of the people of the country.

As of last Friday (7), more than 2,400 people had been infected with Govt-19, according to the Archipelago Ministry of Health. This means that the number of cases has doubled compared to the previous week, with less than 1,100 cases. Of the victims, 37% received two doses of the vaccine, but the government did not prescribe any immunizations.


Of those immunized in the Seychelles, 57% were vaccinated from a Chinese laboratory, and the remaining approximately 3% received the Astrogenega / Oxford vaccine made in India. After the increase in lawsuits, the archipelago imposed a series of restrictions, such as closing schools, canceling sporting events, and banning gatherings of families who did not live together.

Despite the increase in the number of cases, most infections are a mild form of the disease, said Kate O’Brien, director of the World Health Organization’s immunization agency. Wall Street Magazine. “The synoform vaccine actually requires two doses. Some reported cases occur after a single dose or after a second dose. ”

At the worst possible time

The sudden increase in the number of cases in the Seychelles calls into question the actual effectiveness of the immunizing agent produced by the Chinese state-owned company. In addition, the synoform vaccine Recommended by the WHO Last Friday (7) for emergency use, it frees the use of immunizations worldwide.

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The synoform vaccine was approved by the WHO for emergency use last Friday (7). Image: Steve Heap (Shutterstock)

The agency announced the decision several weeks later, with the aim of helping to speed up the immunization process in poor or developing countries. These countries are suffering from a shortage of quantities, which was exacerbated by the suspension of exports from India after the outbreak of Govt-19. Hair faced Asian country.

Although they have not yet done the genetic sequencing of the virus that spreads in the Seychelles, it is believed that the cause may be a variant of B.1.352. This strain, found in South Africa, was found in the archipelago in February. Studies on the estrogen vaccine show that they are less effective against this variant.

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