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The National Stadium is closed. The Poland-Chile match will be held at Legia Warsaw

As part of checking the condition of the roof structure, specialized tests were carried out on its individual elements, including the steel rope anchors supporting the tower. The examination revealed a structural defect in one of the conductors.

PGE operator Narodowy immediately turned to the structural designer SBP and its contractor Cimolai for advice and diagnosis of the causes of the situation. On November 10, 2022, in the presence of the roof structure designer and his contractors, as well as scientists from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, a number of inspections were carried out at PGE Narodowy.

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It is recommended that the pitch be excluded from use and that additional tests be carried out to evaluate the method for removing the defect. At the same time, measuring devices were installed that allow continuous monitoring of the state of the conductor structure.

The National Stadium is completely closed

The Board of Directors of PGE Narodowy decided to suspend the operation of the stadium and ban its visitors. Any activity in the stadium is completely closed. This applies to both sporting and cultural events, as well as conferences, conferences, activities in office spaces and tours around the arena.

Video: Staszewski on the closure of PGE Narodowy: the match between Poland and Chile will likely be at the Legia Stadium

– I learned today that during an inspection of the steel structure of the National Stadium, a defect was discovered in one of the elements, which, according to the contractor and designer, makes it impossible to use the National Stadium in any way until it is diagnosed more accurately and perhaps some security solutions are implemented. Therefore, we made the only right decision in this situation to immediately close the National Stadium, Sports Minister Kemal Bortnizok said during a press conference.

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The recommendation of manufacturers and experts also prevents the Poland-Chile match scheduled for November 16 at the stadium.

After, after PZPN announced, on Friday, that the match will take place at the Legia Warszawa Stadium. Thus, the information of sports journalist Entrea Sebastian Staszewski was confirmed.

“The meeting will be held with the participation of the public. On Saturday, PZPN will inform about the rules for selling tickets” – the announcement added.

The Polish Football Association announced in a statement that it will refund the fans the price of tickets for the match at the National Stadium.

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