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The new president of TVP Mateusz Matszkowicz from Hu

The new president of TVP Mateusz Matszkowicz from Hu

In studio 2 in the building Polish TV On Thursday, the most interesting news and proposals were presented from the autumn schedule of the thematic channels TVP Kultura, TVP Historia, TVP Dokument, TVP HD, TVP Kultura 2 and TVP Historia 2.

“I think the program and the creators who created this program, not my words, should vouch for TV. That’s why I’ve decided to keep quiet and act these days” – The conference was opened by the newly elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of TVP. He stressed that “culture remains more important to him.” “I understand the culture widely. This is what happens on TVP Kultura, TVP Historii, TVP Dokument and TVP HD on our dual channels, including those broadcasting to Lithuania and abroad,” he said. “I count on the development of distribution in Western Europe, I count on the United States” – he stressed.

Matyszkowicz focuses on culture

“Culture is a place where we can meet,” Maticezkovic noted. “TV should be a place where we can meet,” he said. “But let the show prove it.”

“I would like to make one declaration: in the coming years we plan to deepen international cooperation, in particular within the Lublin Triangle. Therefore, I am glad that Monica Garbachiauskaite, head of Lithuanian Public Television, is now spiritually with us, and a dear friend, head of Ukrainian Radio, is physically present with us. He said. TVP Chairman Mikosha Chernoteki, adding that he is “counting on the development of cooperation between public television within the European Broadcasting Union, within the Lublin Triangle, within the Visegrad Group”.

Director of the National Center for Culture (NCK), Rafai Winevsky, who participated in the conference, announced further cooperation between NCK and CKiH in the implementation of the National Reading Development Program. “First of all, I am very happy that TVP joined the campaigns related to reading. There was no need for persuasion and in the following days (…) we will be promoting this reading in different ways. First of all, this year we are starting a joint program about libraries and reading room, but we also have a special educational offer for young children, ”- said the director of NCK. “I think it will really hit the bull’s-eye” – assessed.

TVP Kultura announced the broadcast of a new series of programs “Lost, Found” in the fall. Rafai Winevsky noted that the purpose of the broadcast was “to tell interesting stories about things that were looted and that were very important to Poland, to the Polish.” These programs also show “the history of how these pieces were returned to museums where we can see them today,” he added. “It is an interesting and, above all, constructive program of a cognitive nature” – the director of NCK assessed. “There is always this interesting criminal thread that builds tension,” he added.

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“First of all, I hope it will be interesting for those who love history and also translate this interest into works stolen from Poland” – emphasized the professor. Wisniewski.

In the fall, TVP Historia will also broadcast the documentary series “Przestrzeń Pamięci” dir. Grzegorz Jankowski. “+ memory space + a difficult program, because it is difficult to make a program about a museum; it is difficult to turn a museum into a television” – said the director. “You have to enter this museum, you touch these things, you see the pictures that look beautiful” – he explained.

“Watching the works in a face-to-face way is wonderful. We encourage people not only to watch programs related to museums, but most of all to go to them, and this is our main goal” – he said. “The museum is as inviting as the cinema, and you can experience an equally engaging adventure in a museum as in a cinema” – emphasized Jankowski, adding that in the series “+ Memory space + tells about things that have already returned to Poland” .

Publisher Piotr Gociek has announced the continuation of the TVP Polonia, TVP Kultura and TVP series of press programmes. “We remain in the formula that was invented two and a half years ago,” said the host of the program, stressing that the authors of the program “are closely watching what is happening in connection with the Russian aggression against Ukraine.” “But this is not a program that is supposed to compete with Internet portals for the speed of providing information. We are trying to look at it from a broader perspective, remembering (…) that ideas have consequences” – he explained. “Behind every action there is a reason, there is a source” – emphasized Gocek.

He noted that in the fall schedule there will be a special Sunday edition of “What’s Next? The World Is Talking About It.” “There we will watch the most important events from the past week, and announce what will attract the attention of commentators and journalists in the coming days, but we will not give up talking with experts,” the program host explained. He stressed that, “Indeed, the program + What next? + is already a forum where commentators, thinkers, writers and essayists from Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other countries – the Czech Republic and Hungary, talking about common threats, about common recipes for the future, meet.”

In the fall programming show on TVP Kultura and TVP Kultura 2, it was announced that the highlights of the 16th International Violin Competition will be broadcast in October. Henryk Wieniawski, thanks to him, viewers will be able to follow the violinists’ competition live. There will also be new episodes of “The Polish Wanderer”, where Krzysztof Koehler takes viewers on a journey through Poland, as well as the series “Res Poloniae – around Poland from a distance”, including meetings with prominent representatives of Lithuanian culture and politics.

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Premiere of “Komedianci, or Konrad is dead” based on Bronisław Wildstein’s play, dir. Andrzej Mastalerz. In November, Mickiewicz “Ballady i romanse” produced by Teatr Wierszalin, Der. Peter Tomashuk. “Scena muzyczna” on TVP Kultura will feature, among others, Marta Zaluska, Kroc, duo Alexander Dibic and Okasz Korobachowski. For movie lovers, there will be Academy Award winning feature films, incl. “Parasite”, dir. Joon-ho Bonga, as well as a review of films with the wonderful ladies in the cinema starring (Thursdays). As mentioned, “The selected premieres of TVP Kultura are also broadcast online on TVP Kultura 2”.

A novelty was announced on TVP Historia – the series “Polish. soap operas …” (from October 27) dedicated to the killers of the communist period. Przemysław Semczuk, author of several books on forensic history, will learn behind the scenes from high-level investigations and deepen his knowledge of the reality of the former People’s Republic of Poland. In the fall, there will also be a premiere of a new film from the prestigious series “Secrets of the Beginnings of Poland”, entitled “From Popiel to Piast”. Wiktor Świetlik, a well-known journalist, will invite viewers to the new episodes of “Nie takycznej Historia” on TVP Historia. In the program, he will “take a closer look at popular films and series, reveal censorship and propaganda (including trace the forgery in the “Polish Roads” series). Krzysztof Jarosinski will take viewers on a journey through the most beautiful corners of Poland in the new series “We’re Going to Poland” The next episodes of the game show “Giganta Historia” are scheduled to air on Saturday. As we explained, “All TVP Historia premieres are broadcast online on TVP Historia 2”.

Autumn show of the TVP antenna The document states the return of the historical series “Polish Heritage”, which is “an attempt to look at our part of Europe through the prism of the heritage of the former Republic of Poland”. In the second season of the documentary and historical series led by Stefan Thompson, the program’s authors will look at the culture and history of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. In Tuesday’s series “Barbara Włodarczyk Calls,” the highly regarded documentary filmmaker, with experts invited to the studio, will discuss the pressing social and political problems of the contemporary world. Among the documentaries shown in the fall are titles such as: “South Korea. A Country Under Pressure”, “Connected Generation”, interesting productions in the genre of current affairs – “Taiwan vs. China. Fragile Democracy”, “Terra Incognita. Who Owns the Internet?”. and “Opioid Crisis Pain Relief.”

The autumn schedule will also include a series of “Photo Documentary” on Monday that will provide glimpses of the most important Polish documentary filmmakers and artists of the younger generation. The following will be presented: Kinga Dębska, Dagmara Drzazga, Ewa Straburzyńska, Piotr Jaworski, Petro Aleksowski and Małgorzata Imielska.

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In the fall, TVP HD announced a new show “Saving the Gardens” on Sunday. The host will be Katarzyna Sichuka, an experienced landscape architect. In the new program “Korona Gór Polski”, in conjunction with Marta Manowska, “viewers will conquer the most beautiful peaks of our country.” In turn, with Jacek Szklarek, as part of the Sunday series “Slow food stop”, television viewers will enjoy a series of inspiring culinary excursions, during which the journalist by camera will visit, among others, Podkarbasi, Rostucci and Pomerania. The popular crime series “Detective Murdoch”, which revolves around the adventures of a hacked detective from Toronto, is also scheduled to air. In the weekend series of “Marathon Night with a Cult Series,” Czas Honoru will air in September, “Pitbull” will air in October, and “Civil War” will air in November.

The CKiH conference was sponsored by Adam Mickiewicz in the year of romance. On this occasion, in the artistic part, Marta Zaluska and her team presented three poems of the poet with their own arrangements.

TVP Cultural and Historical Center is the creative and production agency and channels TVP Kultura, TVP Historia, TVP Dokument, TVP HD, TVP Kultura 2 and TVP Historia 2.

Changes in TVP

On Monday, the head of Telewizja Polska . was Jacek Kurski has been replaced by the current board member, Mateusz Matyszkowicz. It was one of his first decisions Paweł Gajewski recalled from the position of director of TVP3. His duties were taken over by Yaroslav Olichovsky, who is still the head of the Television Information Agency. “Wiadomości” TVP1 or TVP Information Channel. Gajewski remained on TVP. Alexandra Zawka, current head of Questions for Breakfast, leaves the editorial office after 6 yearsTo become head of the luminaire at Agencja Kreacji Reklamy and TVP. On Tuesday, Joanna Korska, the wife of the former president, became the producer of “Pnś”.

very Roman Pedrycz has stopped running TVP Technologie (Replaced by Przemyslav Herbot).

last year Telewizja Polska’s revenue increased by 7.2 percent. to PLN 3.25 billion, with operating costs increasing by 21.7%. to PLN 3.12 billion, net profit decreased from PLN 198.32 to PLN 3.89 million.

In this year’s financial plan. Polish TV Reported an increase in revenue to PLN 3.42 billion, advertising and sponsorship revenue will increase in addition to subscription compensation. Energy and external services costs will also rise, and the sender expects a minimum loss of PLN 171 million from the sale of Treasury bonds.

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