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The New York Post claims that Joe Biden took money from a Nord Stream 2 lobbyist

Ciemne chmury zbierają się nad głową amerykańskiego prezydenta. Dziennik „New York Post” ogłosił, że Joe Biden i jego sojusznicy dostali od lobbysty reprezentującego Nord Stream 2 fundusze na kampanię wyborczą. Według gazety, która powołuje się na dokumenty Federalnej Komisji Wyborczej, stało się to kilka miesięcy przed tym, jak administracja Bidena podjęła decyzję o odstąpieniu od sankcji na firmę budującą rurociąg z Rosji do Niemiec.

Dark clouds gather above the head of the US President. The New York Post announced that Joe Biden and his allies received funding from a lobbyist representing Nord Stream 2 for the election campaign. According to the newspaper, which cites FEC documents, this happened a few months before the Biden administration decided to waive sanctions against a company that built a pipeline from Russia to Germany.

Joe Biden and his administration More than once they criticized the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

At the end of March, the head of US diplomacy, Anthony Blinken, confirmed in an interview with CNN: President Biden has long made it clear that he considers the pipeline a bad idea. Which undermines European energy security. It undermines the principles agreed upon by the Europeans themselves: the necessity of diversifying energy sources and supplies so that they are not dependent on any country, especially Russia. (gas tube) It is potentially harmful to Ukraine, Poland and other countries.”

Toxic Biden noted in mid-April that he had been against building Nord Stream 2 for a long time, He described the gas pipeline as a “complex problem” affecting US allies in Europe.

At the same time, the US President stated that the Nord Stream 2 case is developmental and has not yet been closed.

Last week, the US State Department announced in a report to Congress that No sanctions will be imposed on the Nord Stream 2 AG consortium that oversees the construction of the pipeline – Although he also confirmed in the document that the company and its president, Matthias Warnig, were involved in activities that are subject to sanctions under US law.

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waiver of penalties The Biden Administration Explained With “National Security Reasons”: The report concluded that the imposition of sanctions “This will have a negative impact on the relations of the United States with Germany and the European Union,” he added and other European allies and partners.

The head of the State Department, Anthony Blinken, confirmed this in a statement carried by Bloomberg News “American opposition to the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 is unshakable”, But he also stated, “While we may not always agree, our alliances remain strong and our position remains In line with our commitment to strengthening the transatlantic link important to national security.”

At the same time, citing an anonymous US State Department official, Bloomberg revealed: “Biden’s administration said stopping Nord Stream 2 is a shot on the horizon Now that more than 90 percent of the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany is complete,” he said.

The New York Post has now revealed it Biden received funding from the Nord Stream 2 lobbyist for his campaign. According to the New York newspaper, 4 thousand dollars were donated by Richard Burt in October 2020, Partner at McLarty Associates and former US Ambassador to Germany during Ronald Reagan’s Republican administration. In March 2020, a lobby group linked to Russia was scheduled to spend $10,000 to the Political Action Committee of Unite The Country. NYP cites data from the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

“The money from Burt not only violates the Biden campaign’s commitment not to accept money from lobbyists, but is especially important because he (Burt) is currently directly involved in lobbying for Nord Stream 2 AG.” – Emphasizes “NYP”.

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The newspaper also publishes the interpretation of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for this When Burt donated to the Biden Victory Fund, he did not testify that he was a registered foreign agent.

DNC reported that Criticism returned on Thursday after ‘The Post’ – New York Daily Reports.

The New York Post reports that Nord Stream 2 is controlled by a former East German officer and close ally of Vladimir Putin.

“Critics fear that the project will enable Russia to exert a dangerous influence on European energy supplies and increase its overall political influence on the continent,” the newspaper said.

It states that Nord Stream 2 collaborates with five European energy companies: ENGIE, OMV, Shell, Uniper, Wintershall Dea and Burt is now the spokesperson for them all.

“By reading between the lines, you can clearly see what that pressure looks like. (…]Although this is not evidence of anything illegal, it is simply something that proves the role of influence in Washington,” reports Ana Masuglia daily of the Center for Responsive Politics, a Washington non-profit research group Impact Money. and pressure on elections and public policy.

According to the New York Post, Richard Burt did not respond to a request for comment.



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