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The New York Times reported on Vladimir Putin celebrating Moscow Day during his defeats at the front

The New York Times reported on Vladimir Putin celebrating Moscow Day during his defeats at the front

Russian propaganda bloggers covering the course of the war from the front lines present a less censored picture. When the Russian army fails, its leading supporters expose flaws and lies, the American newspaper “New York Times” wrote.

The Russian forces also quickly withdrew from the occupied territories in the north-east Ukrainepresident Russian President Vladimir Putin Loudly opening a Ferris wheel in a Moscow park.

“It is very important for people to rest with their friends and family,” he said. report: Russia’s attack on Ukraine

Is Putin “okay”?

The contrast was startling, even to some of Putin’s loudest supporters. It highlighted the growing chasm between the Kremlin and the staunch supporters of the invasion. For them, it was a retreat. Russia It seems to confirm their worst fear that senior Russian officials were so concerned about maintaining a normal atmosphere in the country that they failed to deploy the equipment and personnel needed to wage a long war with a resolute opponent,” notes the New York Times.

“Is he okay?” asked a Russian propagandist blogger after Putin’s speech during Saturday’s glam celebration of the 875th anniversary of Moscow’s founding. “The Russian army does not have thermal imaging cameras, flak jackets, reconnaissance equipment, secure communications, enough helicopters or first-aid kits. Mr. (Putin – editor). Are you organizing a billionth celebration? Terrible defeat, “- wrote the blogger.

Putin at the celebration of the 875th anniversary of Moscow

growing resentment

The anger at Russian “propaganda hawks” has shown that although Putin has managed to stamp out nearly all liberal and pro-democracy opposition, there is still a risk of dissatisfaction on the part of conservatives from the political spectrum. So far, there is little sign of a That the “hawks” will turn against him as a result of Ukraine’s successful counterattack, analysts say their growing willingness to publicly criticize the military leadership shows growing discontent within the Russian elite,” notes the New York Times.

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“Most of these (the invaders) were shocked and did not think that this would happen,” he said in a telephone conversation with the American daily Dmitry Kuznets, which analyzes the course of the military invasion on the Russian-language independent portal Medusa, “I suppose most of them are really angry.”

The Kremlin has always portrayed defeat in a different way. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced, on Saturday, that Russia “decided to regroup its forces in the (liberated) cities of Balaklya and Izyum in order to intensify efforts in the direction of Donetsk and achieve the goals of the special operation for liberation. Donbass“.

Ukrainian flag over the village of Czkał

ferris wheel

The day before the so-called “regroupment of forces,” the Russian Defense Ministry reported “taking steps to strengthen defensive positions in the Kharkiv region.”

“The authorities in Moscow continued into the weekend, with fireworks displays and state TV broadcasts showing hundreds of people lining up to ride the new 140-meter Ferris wheel. But online, Russia’s failures were all too clear, highlighting the astonishing role pro-war bloggers have played. Russia has their part in shaping the war narrative. The Kremlin controls television broadcasts and blocks access to Instagram and Facebook, but Telegram is still accessible and full of posts and videos from both supporters and opponents of the war.” . “.

The “Moscow Sun” Ferris Wheel will be the tallest facility of its kind in Europe

Battlefield information

Propaganda bloggers – as it turned out – reveal more detailed and – according to analysts – information on the battlefield than the Russian Ministry of Defense, which they say underestimates the enemy and hides bad news from the public.

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One of them, Yuri Podolaka, who comes from Ukraine but moved to Crimea after its annexation in 2014, told his 2.3 million supporters on Telegram on Friday that if the (Russian) military continues to play down its defeats in battlefields, the Russians “will not They trust the Ministry of Defense and soon the entire government.”

Balaklia was released, the people responded to the Ukrainian soldiers

Balaklia was released, the people responded to the Ukrainian soldiers TVN24

On Sunday, the Meduza portal reported that after Saturday’s grand opening, the Ferris wheel was closed the following day. “Visitors who bought tickets or got a refund were offered a different day,” Medusa writes.

The press service of the “Moscow Sun” explained to reporters that the Ferris wheel had resumed its work, but with restrictions, “It was decided to redirect the flow of visitors to other days to prevent emergencies due to the large number of people willing to drive it.”

“The New York Times”,

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