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The newest method for cheaters. They haven’t sent such text messages yet

The newest method for cheaters.  They haven't sent such text messages yet

One ill-considered step is enough, a scammers They can easily reset our bank accounts to zero. in short message, through which they impersonate InPost, asking for a small amount. Just click on the link in the message to quickly check out money.

Customers using InPost services, and more specifically from their parcel machines, receive fake SMS messages with information about underpayment for some time.

“InPost: Your package has been held for less than 1.99 PLN payment. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Please make the payment.” We can read in the letter. There is a suspicious link below. After clicking on it, we are directed to a fake login page, confusingly similar to the page one is usually logged in to in common banks or payment systems. However, our password entry and login may end up poorly This is how scammers can get into our account in such a simple way.

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

The sum total is intentionally low to calm the vigilance of InPost customers. It is worth noting that the company never sends such messages. In case of any doubts, it is always worth contacting the InPost Customer Service Desk.


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