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The next generation of The Witcher 3 awakens the dreams of players; Here are the changes they’re hoping for

The next generation of The Witcher 3 awakens the dreams of players;  Here are the changes they're hoping for
November 18, 2022, 12:09

Players are beating each other with ideas for what the December update for The Witcher 3 has to offer. Among them are new missions and more from Gwent.

image source. Steam | The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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The third part of the fans the magician They probably know that It will premiere on December 14th Modernization Covers next generation consoles and PCs. It will offer better graphics quality and improve the overall technical condition of the game. In addition, we will receive a small DLC based on the Netflix series. Details of changes and additional content will be revealed in the stream that will occur at twitch. Fans of the game can’t wait for the update to be released and are coming up with ideas about what changes they would like to see.

Questions, quickly travel to the castle and tomer

on me reddit Theme created by fans of the third installment the magician Sharing their dreams about the content they would like to receive in the December update.

Although the base game with add-ons offers many missions, they are A whole lot of guys want more of them. We do not know if they will be added – although it is better not to count on them, which is also expressed by the players themselves.

A useful change would be the addition of a fast travel point directly below the castle where the Blood Baron is stationed. Running across the bridge for the fiftieth time, hearing the text about the fact that the Baron’s soldiers were “beaten like Novigrad’s escorts” and probably continuing to go to the Baron’s annoyed me more than just. As players noted in the aforementioned thread, such a change is impossible, because at some point in the game the castle gets hot (I avoid spoilers), so Geralt has to travel the same way as always in order for the cutscene to activate.

In the players dream area there was also cloaks for Geralt, a photo mode, which would be very useful especially with improved graphics, and more rivals to play in joint, better-looking water, or the possibility of a love affair with the herbalist Tomira of Biały Orchard. I do not understand the last one. It’s true that it contains…a variety of herbs, but for romance right away?

What changes would you like to see in the game after the update??

The Witcher before and after the update

The fact that fans can’t wait for the next-gen update is also evidenced by the fact that a video has been made that compares the quality of textures, Based on a single promotional screen Published by CD Projekt RED. You can see a lot of small but obvious changes compared to the current version of the game.

  1. The official website for The Witcher 3
  2. CD Projekt RED official website
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