September 21, 2021

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The only Catholic priest left Afghanistan

The only Catholic priest left Afghanistan

After about 100 years, the presence of the Catholic Church in Afghanistan ended, as the Taliban seized power. The ANSA news agency reported Thursday that the only Italian priest Barnaby Giovanni Scalizzi left the country.

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A priest evacuated to Rome on a military plane with five nuns

Since 2014, Father Scalese has been the head of the Catholic mission in Afghanistan and at the same time chaplain of the Italian Embassy in Kabul. He was evacuated to Rome on a military plane with five nuns. They arrived with 14 disabled children, under the care of the sisters, as well as Afghans, Italian diplomatic and contingent collaborators, activists and their families.

We thank God for the successful outcome of the operation

Bernabet wrote on social media. He also resumed:

Keep praying for Afghanistan and its people.

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But, as mentioned, serious difficulties persisted. Successive Afghan governments have allowed this presence only as a point of reference for Catholic foreigners, that is, diplomatic officials and soldiers. At the same time, they banned all proselytizing activities among Afghans.

Approaching the capital’s airport was extremely dangerous.”

Father Scalese, 66, said upon his return to Italy: “Throughout our stay in Kabul, we did not feel lonely while waiting for our departure; both the church was close to us, because I was in contact with the Vatican State Secretariat, and Italian institutions.”

The Pope was interested in this and followed him

– added.

The Italian priest admitted that it was very difficult for the nuns and for himself to leave Kabul.

We made our first attempt a few days ago, to no avail. Approaching the capital airport was a very dangerous matter

– confirmed.

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