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The perfect task manager. “For a few minutes, he did more than the others throughout the match.”

The perfect task manager.  "For a few minutes, he did more than the others throughout the match."

Others often get tired for several tens of minutes, are unable to create one or the other opportunity, and usually come in the right place at the right time. Once again, he scored a key goal for the Polish national team. Karol Świderski has a really successful entry into the white and red team.

Oedersky made his national team debut on March 28, 2021 in a match against Andorra. He entered for 27 minutes and what did he do? He scored the goal at 3: 0. The match started from the first minute among others, Arkadiusz Milik and Krzysztof Piątek, but none of them could find a way to defeat the opposing goalkeeper. A newbie came and took them out.

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The sniper, who was still playing for PAOK Thessaloniki, presented himself so well that after a few days he was in the top eleven at Wembley, where the White and Red were fighting with the English. True, he made no sense there, but for the following months no one had any doubts that he needed to send out invitations.

Today, more than a year has passed since those meetings. Oedersky collected 15 performances with an eagle on his chest. He scored seven goals in it, which means that he scored, at least in terms of numbers, a better start in the team than strikers such as Robert Lewandowski, Arkadiusz Milik and Christoph Petek.

Of course, you should be aware that the 15 matches given do not have to be equal to the other 15 matches. There are stronger and weaker opponents, matches for bets and those who do not have much importance. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Świderski enters the team in impressive style.

Four of Poland’s seven goals, the 25-year-old scored after coming off the bench.

  • Enters in the 63rd minute and scores 3-0 against Andorra (World Cup),
  • He entered in the 81st minute and scored 2: 2 with Iceland (a friendly match),
  • He enters in the 71st minute and scores 1-0 against Albania (World Cup),
  • Enters in the 73rd minute and scores 2:1 against Wales (Nations League)

“Świderek” scored twice the winning goals after coming off the bench, and during the match with Iceland he saved us in the last minute from a draw. Besides, he played from the first minute, scoring 1-1 in a memorable match against Hungary at the National Stadium. If our defense had not subsequently “shown”, giving the “Hungarians” a score of 2: 1, it would have been Swiedersky’s blow that would have saved us from being centered in the playoffs, for which we were fighting at that time.

The other two goals of the team are against San Marino. In addition, one help can be added to it. Also after getting off the bench. In a home match against Albania. Oedersky then substituted Adam Boksa in the 81st minute, and after a few minutes scored a decisive pass past Carol Linetti at 4: 1.

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So here we are dealing with a player who gives this team a lot of good. Whether as a substitute (mainly) or as one of the eleven players. In many matches, he can do more in a few minutes than the other attackers throughout the match. The ball is clearly looking for him in the penalty area. It’s smart, well located.

Keep it up, and we’ll still have a lot of relief from it.

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