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The persevering rover on Mars has had a stowaway… since February

The persevering rover on Mars has had a stowaway... since February

NASA already reported in February that Perseverance has a stowaway, a stone inside the circle, that has even been photographed. Agency engineers estimated that this should not interfere with the mission of the rover, and that it did not pose a threat to the device itself. Interestingly, however, it is still not possible to create Exactly how do rock fragments get into the wheels of a rover – There is a suspicion that this happens when climbing a hill accompanied by a violation of the structure of the soft ground.

Although everyone expected that the stone in question might fall on its own while the rover was moving across the surface red planetIt’s different – the first week of June is behind us, and the stowaway is still stuck in the same place, though perseverance He traveled more than 8.5 kilometers during this time. However, it does not appear to cause any harm, so NASA will only monitor the situation.

pocket Perseverance is equipped with six wheelsEach operates independently, and in order to achieve the perfect combination of strength, weight and resistance, they have been used Made of aluminum and titanium elementsSo such events should be dealt with without any problems.

Where will this stowaway end his journey? It is possible that the rock will fall at some point as you climb the edge of the hole. If he did, he would fall between rocks that we expect would be very different from him. As one of our team members quipped this week, “We might confuse a future Martian geologist who finds him there!” – Comments by Eleni Ravanese of the University of Hawaii.

At this point, it is worth adding that Perseverance prepares for the most important stage of its mission to the red planet And we’re just beginning to climb a hill in the delta region of Jezero Crater, where NASA scientists say we have the best chance of finding evidence of life. On the way back, it will collect rock samples, put them in special containers and leave them at the bottom of the crater, where they will be taken as part of a Mars sample return mission — with which the researchers aim for the next decade.

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