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“The phenomenon on the borders of Alaska, Canada and Russia”? If so, the result will be disastrous

"The phenomenon on the borders of Alaska, Canada and Russia"?  If so, the result will be disastrous

Internet users are delighted with the short film that is supposed to show the unusual phenomenon that took place between the United States and Canada. The video shows how the moon of massive size emerges from beyond the horizon, moves over the Earth and the lake, covers the sun for a whole moment, and then disappears below the horizon. Not only is the moon large, but it also appears to be very close.

Watch the miracle“;”Nice “;”Appear on the border Alaska, Canada, Russia, lasts 36 seconds, once a year, the moon is very close to the Earth and seems to be hitting it, then a total solar eclipse” – these are some popular comments on the Polish Internet (original spelling) that we found came out on the weekend of the 30th and July 31, the video was at that time Very well known. Hundreds of comments collected. The video has more than 250,000. Reviews.

However, vigilant netizens and journalists commented on Twitter that the video is a computer animation. “How are we supposed to fight Russian disinformation when CGI with the big moon, signed as video of a rare phenomenon from outside the Arctic Circle, is a sensation on our internet?” – Ask Jacob Which, Deputy General of Hundreds of people are reporting this ‘video’ as real. We are lost – Marcin McCuskey review from Entrea. “4.5 thousand likes. I choose to believe these are sarcastic likes. Otherwise, I’ll have to face the questions ‘Where are we going’ and ‘Should everyone vote’ – Dominika Długosz . commented From Newsweek Polska.

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The discovery of rust on the moon (archive material) Video: tvn24

Blood Moon and Super Moon

In May 2021 it happened Rare astronomical phenomenon. In different parts of the world, for the first time in more than two years, a total lunar eclipse was observed – then it became red because its disk was in the region of the total shadow of the Earth. This phenomenon is called a blood moon. In addition, it so happened that the Moon was closer to the Earth. It looked bigger and brighter than usual. This phenomenon, in turn, is called the Super Moon.

Computer animation by a Ukrainian artist

Just as this phenomenon was expected, then during its lifetime, the now popular video – with a giant moon moving across the sky – went viral with tens of millions of views. Internet users were convinced that the recording was real and demonstrated the described phenomenon.

Then the film was validated by online editorial offices, incl. Fact-checking portal snobsAnd the Reuters if NEWSWEEK. They reported that the video debuted on May 17, 2021 on TikTok on the profile @aleksey_nz. A few days later, it has already garnered tens of millions of views. In addition, it was published on the pageComputer-generated images (CGI) artists publish their work and can be purchased with cryptocurrency payment. In the video with the moon there is information that the author is Alexei Patrev. They were entitled “Supermoon” – “Super Moon” – According to the description, it is supposed to represent the phenomenon that we are witnessing between Russia and Canada.

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batrif On the web presents itself As a CGI artist he lives in Odessa, Ukraine. He regularly posts his work on social media: n tik toco (Millions of Views), Instagram And the Youtube (420 thousand subscribers, millions of views). There you can watch the films he made, among other things with extraterrestrials attacking America from space; With a large expansion of the sole of the astronaut’s shoes on the moon; With a ship falling from the sky and destroying Red Square in Moscow.

video with moon has been posted Also on Patreva YouTube channel on June 2, 2021. Currently, he is no longer on the artist’s TikTok or on his Instagram. We asked Petrev through his profile if he actually created a viral with the Moon, but we didn’t get an answer.

The editorial offices that analyzed this recording reported that it would be impossible to record the phenomenon appearing on it. The movement of the moon does not seem normal. There is no reflection of it in the lake below, and according to NASA, it can come close to Earth even more than 363 thousand. kilometres, so it should be much smaller in the movie. And so, for example, according to the gate, a scientific news service, if the moon came close to the Earth as it appears in this video, the result would be catastrophic: gravity would increase, which could destroy islands and low-lying coastal areas. A sudden increase in gravity would also lead to earthquakes and an increase in volcanic eruptions.

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