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The Phenomenon Squid Game Series Where You Can Watch Netflix Hit Comments From TikTok Story Promotion Actors


three of them collectedsquid gameThese are not reviewer notes, but Netflix statistics. The series turned out to be the biggest hit in the platform’s history in less than a month. Watched by over 111 million Netflix subscribers.

It premiered on September 17th. A week later, industry media reported it had a chance of being Netflix’s most-watched production of the year. A few days later, the bet was raised. He has already written that “Squid Game” is on its way to becoming the most popular non-English language series in Netlix history, as it is a South Korean production.

On October 13, speculation was cut short. At noon, the platform confirmed on Twitter that “Squid Game” is the most popular title in history Netflix At least 111 million joint households were seen on the platform.

The series surpassed the first seasons of “Bridgerton”, “The Witcher” and “Lupin”, which 30 days after the first show recorded results in the range of 76-82 million views per account. The website specifies that it is based on displaying at least two minutes dedicated to a particular title.

“The viewer likes to be surprised”

Why such success for Squid Game, if the series was not American and was not widely promoted in the media prior to its premiere? According to Marta Wurzin, editor of, the series has arrived at its time perfectly. – “Squid Game” appeared at such a moment in our history, when things seem to be going in a very dark direction, and a desperate game of survival seems nothing unreal, although in this series it is an excessive metaphor – says Marta Wurzen.

The Squid Game tells the story of the people of South Korea who are overburdened with debt. They have a chance to give back to them thanks to participating in the title game. Squid is a series of different game-based quizzes for kids. The rule is simple: whoever loses dies. There can only be one winner and he will win billions.

– “Squid game” breaks the patterns in the previous series. It gives the viewer the feeling that no one is safe and that anyone can die. Such works usually attract crowds of viewers, as in “Lost” or “game of ThronesDawid Muszyński, Editor-in-Chief of says: “The viewer or to be surprised, the” Squid Game “delivers a certain dose of adrenaline, which many are looking for in television productions.

Marta Wurzen recalls that the series’ creator said in interviews that he had been knocking on different doors for 10 years before he got the green light for this project. – I get the impression that it is no coincidence that he got it from Netflix and at this moment. Filmed during an epidemic, the series was a tough time for all of us, but even tougher for those with the lowest earnings. Social divisions have deepened and tightened, even getting to something as basic as a vaccine depends on whether you live in a rich or poor country – adds the editor of

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It states: – As was the case in the past.Too bad“It was a perfect match with a desperate Walter White during the 2008 economic crisis, so our hero now is Seung Ji-ho, a man so unable to adapt in the harsh times of capitalism that he decides to play a game of death and life, and if you add to the awesomeness the unimaginable visual style Ordinary and the unique way the series blends different conventions, serving us into a bloody mess on a colorful playground, we’ve got a hit that everyone wants to see.

“We all receive”

Is it really so? I ask the interlocutors who got the “Squid game”. To a large extent, they are people who are not afraid to experiment with foreign series and go beyond the comfort zone of American productions. This is largely due to series such as “Dark”, “House of Paper” and “lupine“They paved the way for the massive success of ‘The Squid Game.’ Subscribers slowly began to open up to the series in other languages. Interestingly, American viewers also began to experiment – David Mucinsky believes.

Marta Wurzen asserts that “The Squid Game” is a mainstream series. This is the beauty of the phenomenon that we are all recipients. Everyone reaches a greater or lesser extent, everyone is able to understand it, even get to know it to a certain extent, and everyone will be drawn to this story, no matter what he saw and what he likes to watch – says the editor of the site.

The series undermines TikTok

There are too many examples of story engaging viewers. One of the most famous American YouTubers, Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, wants to turn the reality of the series into a reality. The 23-year-old announced tik tocoIt will organize competitions and games in real life in which the characters of the series will participate. However, he set a condition: his clip was supposed to collect 10 million likes. The YouTuber got the required number of likes without any problems.

TikTok is a social medium that supports the promotion of the series the most. Recently, videos have been very successful on this platform, where users have shown how the cookies made by the heroes of the “Squid game” work. Young people shared recipes and ways to eat them on the web, so as not to spoil the characteristic shape in its center. Soon, cutting cookies from view became a trend on TikTok.

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The producers of the series decided to use these capabilities and On the first weekend of October, a pop-up shop with attractions for “Squid Game” fans opened in Paris. In two days, its fans can buy souvenirs, take photos and play well-known games from the series. There were queues in front of the store.

Skąd th fenomen “squid game”?

This does not surprise Marta Wurzen at all. At the same time, the journalist admitted that she first heard about the “Squid Game” at the end of September, when Ted Sarandos, vice president of the platform, said at the conference that the series could be the biggest success in Netflix history .

– They themselves did not expect such success. The series was not promoted in any way, and there was not a single press release, no Polish trailer, and no highlighting on the September list of premieres. Often with the successes of Netflix, large, expensive and promoted projects such as “Altered Carbon” or “Separation” do not always succeed, but from time to time “House of Paper”, “The Queen’s Gambit” or “Squid” appears. game”, which breaks despite the lack of any upgrade – comments Marta Wurzen.

The editor-in-chief of also did not expect the series to be a worldwide success. It was the viewers who gave word of mouth about the catchy, must-see Korean production – David Mucinsky believes.

He adds that “Squid Game” is the first Korean series to feature in US and UK TV shows. – It’s definitely a big advance in the sense that a larger group of viewers will learn about Korean cinema. Previously, most of them were associated with him only the Oscar-winning “parasite“Now it’s starting to change – David Mucinsky assesses.

Marta Wurzen has a slightly different opinion on this subject. – I don’t think it was a huge achievement for Korean dramas, just as Parasite didn’t cause a huge boom in Korean cinema. It is worth noting that “Squid Game” is a very American series of Asian productions. It is a game of world pop culture, where you can see the influences of both Japanese comics, which the creator refers to, as well as films by Quentin Tarantino or works of world cinema in the style of “The Hunger Games” – says the editor of – I don’t think Netflix’s “Squid Game” audience will get much access to Korean dramas, which are tougher than “Squid Game.” But Korean series will be a little easier now, and Netflix will be more willing to order them with the mainstream viewer in mind. So, if all goes well, the “Squid Game” phenomenon could do for Korean series what “House of Paper” did for Spanish productions.

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the second season? “Why did you break it?”

The impressive viewing results have only encouraged Netflix owners to fan the hopes of fans for the second season. Many argue that the end of the nine-episode premiere may indicate that a continuation of the series is planned.

But at the moment, it has not been officially confirmed whether the second season of “Squid Game” will begin, and director Hwang Dong-hyuk himself admitted in an interview with Variety that there is no script for the next series of “Squid”. game ‘so far.. – It’s tiring to think about it. But if I had to create a second season, I definitely wouldn’t do it alone. “I would consider hiring a group of writers and would like to have several experienced directors with me,” said the Squid Game director.

Our interlocutors agree that a second season is not necessary. The first part took a long time to write and I doubt Netflix would give the developer the same amount of time to fine-tune the sequel. Instead, they’ll want to hit the iron while it’s hot, and that never ends. Hwang Dong-hyuk doesn’t even have an idea of ​​a sequel, and writing something quick will only annoy fans. Why do you spoil it? – asks David Muszyński.

Also, Marta Wurzen is not enthusiastic about filming the upcoming episodes of “Squid Game”, although she is confident that the second season of this series will be created.

The sin of not exploiting this phenomenon, and Netflix does not commit such sins. As a picky critic or viewer, I think there’s no season two material out there. All has already been said, and any potential shortcuts make this story all the more engaging. Ideas talked about by the creator, such as: more about the leader, more about the 001 player, seem like an attempt to cut the coupons – says Marta Warzin. – A new story could have come out well, with completely different characters playing a different version of the killer game, but no one at Netflix would dare to do that. Because from a business standpoint, it’s much safer to follow the same path that “House of Paper” took and squeeze the show to the end until we’ll all hate it in a few years.

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