October 21, 2021

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The plane from Milek was delivered to U.S. troops

The plane from Milek was delivered to U.S. troops

The M28 Skytruck Turboprop, made in Poland, is one of the aircraft supplied to the US Special Forces. This information was officially confirmed by Lockheed Martin Corporation, which includes PZL Mielec.

– PZL Mielec, owned by Lockheed Martin, has partnered with US company Sierra Nevada Corporation to provide a better modified version of the M28 turboprop aircraft that “meets the requirements of the U.S. Armed Forces Command” program.

Said John Nielsen, director of communications for Lockheed Martin Europe.

– We are proud to announce that this special variant, known as the MC-145B, was selected as one of the five aircraft in the final demonstration phase of this project. The MC-145B is highly versatile – capable of performing a wide variety of tasks, highly efficient in terms of weapons and reconnaissance operations) and highly durable – two engines – solution for specialized operations

– Added.

The final presentation of the aircraft to potential users is scheduled to take place in June and July this year. “Due to upcoming presentations and current practice, we are unable to share any other information at this time“- Nielsen was assigned.

According to special media, five companies have submitted bids for the “Armed Overwatch” program of support and reconnaissance aircraft organized by the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM). The new aircraft will replace the U-28A Draco – a special edition of the Pilates PC-12. Five designs qualified for the final tests: Beachcraft AT-6 Texan II, Airtractor AT-802U, Leydos Bronco II, MAG Aerospace MC-208 and Skytruka from US company Sierra Nevada.

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M28 Skytruck It is a modification of the Soviet On-28 aircraft, modified and modernized by PZL Mielec. U.S. Special Forces had already purchased a dozen or more aircraft of this type; Most of it was later converted into equipment surplus in Estonia and Kenya. Skyrookie from Mailek was purchased by recipients from Nepal, Venezuela and Vietnam. It is also certified in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Colombia, Taiwan and South Africa.