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The Poland-Germany match created a perfect football player for Michnowitz. president. Play like Glick for the Polish national team

The Poland-Germany match created a perfect football player for Michnowitz.  president.  Play like Glick for the Polish national team

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“No one from Bayern Munich called. Lewandowski had no complaints”

Had it not been for Ceslav Micniewicz agreeing to commission Jakob Keiuer and Sebastian Walukewicz for the youth team, it would have been intimidating to think what the Maciej Stolarczyk defense would look like and what strike, speed and effectiveness Yusuf Mukoko could do with him. . Because if he breaks the defense with Kiwior and Walukiewicz twice, without them he will definitely have two or three chances to score goals. But from the start.

All-or-nothing – that was the part of the preliminary round match between Poland and Germany euro The Under-21s will be held in Georgia and Romania in 2023. Only the victory gave Poland hope for promotion. Before the qualifying round started, everyone was dreaming that the last match against Germany would be about something. It succeeded, but in large part thanks to the embarrassing defeat of Israel against Latvia : 1. Without this result, Maciej Stolarczyk’s team would have no chance of achieving the goal, which is the minimum qualification. All due to fluctuations in shape during exclusion. It all started off great: three wins in a row, including a fantastic 4-0 away game against favorites Germany. But as in football, the crisis came after the success. Two draws: first with Israel, then with Hungary and the Poles, instead of fighting for the first place in the group with Germany, the second had to be thought about. The 5-0 match against San Marino and the aforementioned defeat against Israel gave hope.

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– This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. After Israel stumbles, we have a chance to play in the play-offs. Everything depends on us. But we know that Germany is a tough opponent, with eight victories in our group and one defeat with us. Maciej Stolarczyk, the under-21 coach, said before the match that he would definitely want to pay for it now.

In the first game, the Poles snatched the Germans 4-0 in their area. It all came out in white and red in Aspach. They played tangibly with simple means and amazing efficiency. – It was a qualifying match, and promotion is what counts in it, and that’s what we’re dealing with. Germany is a team that makes the difference, loves to play on the ball. This is a high European level. We expect that despite the promotion, our competitors will simply be doing their job on the pitch, Stolarczyk warned his players. He was right, because, despite the fact that the Germans had already taken first place in the group and promotion to the European Youth Championship, in وودód the stadium ŁKS is played with great commitment.

Mossore’s gross error

Especially in attack, as the most dangerous player in Antonio de Salvo’s team was Youssouf Mukoko – 17-year-old from Borussia Dortmund, who played 16 matches in the last Bundesliga season, scoring two goals and making two assists. It was with him, as well as with Jonathan Burckardt, that the Polish defense had the most problems.

But the first goal of the Germans was not the result of some incredible action, but a fatal mistake of Ariel Mussur. Piast Gliwice missed the ball in a seemingly harmless position, and Moukoko defeated Cezary Miszta with a powerful shot. The Poles responded ten minutes later. Kacper Kozłowski threw the ball perfectly into the penalty area, and Jakub Pjazek not only took the positions with the defender, and not only jumped higher than him, but also in a difficult position he shot so that the German goalkeeper Nico Mantel could not do anything.

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It’s worth noting that the entire move came from Jakub Kiwior’s ball directing. He is a footballer who started June training camp with Michniewicz, and when it was found that the youth team still had a chance of a playoff match, he joined Stolarczyk with Sebastian Walukiewicz. In the match against Germany, both were among the best players on the field. So much so that when the German commander Burckhardt saw that he was not dealing with Cuior, he attacked Walokiewicz’s side more often. Helpless. Interestingly, on Tuesday Walukiewicz played as a right-back, not in the middle, where he feels best. There, coach Stolarczyk bet on the Mosór duo – QYOUR And despite the previous little mistake, the game of Polish defense can be evaluated positively.

Jacob Keewer? president. play like glick

Especially the Kiwior game. – We are looking for a left leg player – Czeslaw Mitchewicz likes to say. Especially for a system with three center backs, where the player to be placed in the left half – in the ideal world of a selector – should be left-footed. The match with Germany showed that Kiwior is perfect for this role. Also for 4 defense system. Good ball control, efficient head play, dedication, and most of all, defensive lines management. In the youth team, Kiwior performed exactly the function assigned to Kamil Celik in the first team. Boss – You can write about the game of the 22-year-old Spezia player. And although he was not without flaws: as soon as he gave the ball to the opponent’s feet, as soon as he lost a fight at the height of the midfield, he later corrected his mistakes: with a successful slip or a heroic block. his future. But already in the first team.

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